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Fic: Day of the Dead (1/2)

hd_worldcup reveals were posted today, and Team Epilogue won! :D I'm so glad I got a chance to participate in this fest, even though it meant rushing to plan, organise, and write a fic in less than two weeks. There were many sleepless nights (I had four midterms and an essay due right after the pinch hit deadline) and countless rants at those friends of mine who know about my fandom life (you guys know who you are -- thanks for hearing me out when no one else would; I must have been insufferable ♥), but in the end, I had fun. Thank you to the fantastic participants (particularly my amazing Epilogue teammates), readers, and mods involved in the H/D World Cup for making my first fest so enjoyable!

I'm not gonna lie -- the story itself isn't my favourite of the fics I've written. There are several parts I'd like to explain and elaborate on, and many parts I would have changed if I'd had more time. I don't want to talk your ears off, though, so without further ado, here's the fic. I've edited the typos in the version that was originally posted (please let me know if there are any more) and changed the colour of James's eyes (thanks, sayingsorry_hh).

Title: Day of the Dead (1/2)
Author: Annie (_pinkchocolate)
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Infidelity, excessive use of italics (not for those with sensitive eyesight)
Disclaimer: I just take JK Rowling's world and make it slashy.
Summary: On the evening of the anniversary of the war, everything changed.
Word Count: ~18k
Notes: Written for Team Epilogue in the 2008 H/D World Cup. The prompt was Death, which represents destruction of the old clearing the way for new growth. I used both figurative and literal interpretations. Many thanks to nqdonne and chiralove for their last minute betas, with an extra heap of gratitude for nqdonne, who not only suggested the title of this fic, but also did an awesome job captaining our team.

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