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recs please?

can anyone rec me any good inception fics? i strongly prefer any combination of arthur, eames, and fischer, but if it's really good, i'll read anything. i know there's the kink meme, but there are just so many prompts that i haven't looked at yet that it'd be much easier if someone who's been following it from the start could help me out :D
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Italy recommendations?

Bored in class. THANK GOD FOR IPHONES.

I'm leaving for spring break on Friday. I'll be doing 2 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence, 1 day in Siena, and 2.5 days in Barcelona. I know a lot of you lovely people have been to Italy before, so I wanted to run this past you guys and see if anyone has suggestions for things to do/places to go/what to eat (that last one is crucial!!). My friend and I were thinking of doing a half day trip to Pisa while we're in Florence, but we want to stop by another Tuscan city on the way back. Anyone know of a pretty, relaxing place to visit?

Thanks loves <3 and if anyone has any other travelling tips I would LOVE to hear them because midterms and internship apps are preventing me from doing research and I'm hella stressing out right now.

P.S. ontd_skating. join or suffer a life without orange mongoose jokes.
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backpacking through europe alone?

so i'm trying to figure out what i want to do during the 10-day spring break i have in march, because i just discovered that my group has split off into two groups, one of which is doing all spain and one of which is doing all italy. i kind of want to go to spain, italy, and greece, so i'm going to try doing 2 days in barcelona, 3 days in rome, 2 days in florence, and 2 days in athens. i can probably meet up with people in spain and italy, but i'm a little worried about being alone in athens. i'm not a very outgoing or adventurous person (i know, i know -- the only reason why i'm considering going alone is because i'm very stubborn and i want to see what i want to see), and i think i'd get lonely very quickly. i'm also concerned about safety, even though i know there are a lot of solo female backpackers in europe.

has anyone ever travelled through europe alone? how was the experience? also, does anyone have tips on places to visit (either in those cities or other cities that you think might be more fun than those ones)?
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Need help!

Working on my paper, and I've run into a spot of trouble.

If anyone has ever read Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins, you might remember he outlines the four stages of first time slash fics. The stages are:

1. Initial relationship (often the two male characters are already in relationships, but they’ve always had repressed feelings for each other)

2. Masculine dystopia (when one man realizes his feelings for the other, he struggles with traditional ideas of masculinity; the more he struggles the more attracted he is to the other man)

3. Confession (one character finally confesses. Sometimes the other responds by backing away, but eventually they get together. This part is emotionally powerful because writers typically emphasize the impossibility of their love)

4. Masculine utopia (the physical release)

I want to apply these stages to a well-known slash fic. Can anyone think of an H/D (or other pairing) fic that follows this narrative trajectory? I was thinking Beautiful World or Irresistible Poison, but if anyone has better suggestions, let me know :)

(Sorry I've been asking you guys for help so much lately. There might be a few more of these posts later today, but I'll promise they'll stop after tonight!)

ETA: One more question -- can anyone point me towards popular fics with good sex scenes that focus more on the emotional connection between the characters than the actual physical act?
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Fandom poll for you guys

First of all, this basic account thing is totally not working for me. I went ahead and paid for the next month. Whether or not I get the full year will depend on whether I can get a job this summer :x

I have to say, I'm a little embarrassed posting after such a long break :"> I'm so sorry, guys! I promise I'll return after all the craziness of this semester calms down. I'll be staying in Los Angeles over the summer doing an internship, so I should have lots of free time to write (and hopefully finish SKoM, which has been hanging over my head like a horrible storm cloud for months).

The main reason for this post is (unfortunately) school related. I have to write a big final research paper for my Advanced Writing class, and I chose feminism within slash fandom as my topic. It's actually been fun -- I got to talk to Henry Jenkins, who's a huge fandom scholar, and I found out he's going to be a professor in my major here at USC next fall! -- but now the deadline is approaching and I need to actually start writing.

Before I get into the theoretical stuff, though, I want to give a short introduction to our LJ branch of slash fandom. I was wondering if you guys could fill out this poll for me. It's got ten simple multiple choice questions (with one short answer), and it shouldn't take too long. If you don't want to fill out the whole thing, please at least answer the last two questions.

Also, if you guys could pass this on to people on your flist, I would really appreciate it! I want to reach as many as possible, in case my flist is too selective of a sample.

Thanks! ♥♥♥

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write porn

The Porn Post (part 2)

So I've noticed that every time I try to get my characters into bed, they always end up... well, in bed. Not that I have anything against a rough tumble between the sheets (or candlelit lovemaking, if that's what you prefer), but I feel like I need to expand my horizons. Any suggestions for fun/unusual places to have sex?
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(no subject)

My dentist is a moron. She botched the first part of my root canal (and only admitted it today when faced with incriminating x-rays, even though I hinted to her several times over the phone that root canals are not supposed to hurt weeks afterwards), charged me $80 extra to fix it, and then sent me off with a $100 prescription (that my medical insurance may not even cover) for 300 mg Clindamycin to be taken every 6 hours, when she already knows I'm sensitive to antibiotics and half that dose every 8 hours is enough to induce severe side effects. To top it all off, I don't even know if she did the second part of the root canal right, because my tooth is still bothering me. Wtf, dentist?

In happier news, I briefly outlined the next three chapters of SKOM. The final chapter count will be around 27, give or take a chapter or two. It feels rather sudden, but apparently I've already said all I have to say. In regards to chapter 23, guess what? After 130k, the boys are finally taking off their clothes! \o/ Although I admit to abusing a really awful H/D cliche to kinda-sorta pave the way there... actually, come to think of it, I'm gonna have to change that part. The more I think about it, the more contrived/insensitive/generally stupid it seems. Anyone willing to talk it over with me and point out when I overstep the line? Preferably someone who's familiar with the fic, because I kinda don't remember what happened in the first 20 chapters.

Fandomy goals for the remaining 5 days before I go back to school: finish ch 23 of SKOM, a beta job, the Junk Boys QC, and the mirror WiP. The last one's a stretch, but I'm crossing my fingers!
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Is anyone free right now? I'm pretty much finished with my hd_hols fic, but the ending is disgustingly cheesy and I need one last quick beta before I send it off. Comments are screened, or you can email me at shmexsay@yahoo.com.

Thanks, guys ♥

Here, have a screencap meme thing. I combined furiosity's and gossymer's, just because I can.

Post a screenshot of your browser (close nothing)
Post a screenshot of your desktop (close nothing) -- artwork by the fabulous glockgal
Paste whatever's in your clipboard: I can't, it's a bunch of stuff from my hd_hols fic :(
If you have a music player open, print screen.
Pick a folder, open it, print screen -- it's my folder of WiPs, lol. There are so many :( I've been working on the Moulin Rouge H/D fic for AGES, and I keep changing the story... hence the reason why there are three completely different versions, all of which are over 50 pages long.
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Question about The Tudors

Does anyone watch The Tudors? If so, can you tell me in detail how they portray the relationship between Mark Smeaton and George Boleyn? I'm going to start watching season 2, but I don't know if I have the time to get through it, and I really just want to know the show's take on the relationship so I can avoid portraying it similarly in my feature.

Thanks! ♥