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I hate thinking up titles

  • My flist has recently been flooded by a string of drunk Terminus posts. I'm not sure how I should feel about this. Jealous? Relieved? Amused? XD I'm glad everyone's having fun at the con. My flist has been rather lonely these past few days, though :(
  • DP released the first chapter of the new Minase series, Aishuu, and it's 92 KINDS OF AWESOME. I think my uke obsession is getting a little out of hand. First there was Akihito from Viewfinder. Then Masahiro from GnK came along. Now there's Kaoru, who is deliciously angst-ridden and beyond adorable. I want to kidnap him and dangle him from my rear view mirror ♥ AND OMG GUYS THE SEME IN THIS SERIES IS BLOND. NO, REALLY. To top (no pun intended) it all off, it's got MAH AWESUM EDITING SKILLZ. How can you say no to that? Go dl and read, but y'all better keep your paws off my uke *glares*
  • My hd_inspired fic is, um, nearing 20k. The mods get my first-born for giving me a generous extension. But srsly... RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT SUX. HARRY AND DRACO SHOULD STFU AND HAVE BUTTSECKS ALREADY.
  • The love of my life, Mark Sanchez, busted his kneecap yesterday during practice ;____; They're saying he might not recover in time for the Virginia game, and Mustain might take his place. I do not approve :( My Trojan football experience won't be complete without Mark Sanchez and his sexy, spandex-clad ass.
  • Went in for an eye exam today, and my prescription has gone from -2.25 in both eyes to -2.5 in the right and -3.0 in the left. I swear to god this is a direct result of 1) straining to pick out dust during editing and 2) staring at a blank white page for hours on end while working on my fics for various fests (but mostly hd_i).
  • R.I.P. Bernie Mac :(
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Random bullet points day

  • I'm determined to do one of these list things without making it so long that I have to put it under a cut.
  • My hd_inspired  fic is... er, coming along. It just hit the 14k mark, and predictably enough, it's still going. I definitely think I'll be able to keep this baby under 20k, though. I've found a beta, but I don't know how quick she'll be, so I'm still looking for another one. I'm not happy until I've run my crap past at least two critics.
  • The only thing stopping me from signing up for hd_hols is that I don't yet know how well I'll handle my ridiculously full schedule next semester, and August sign-ups are... well, before the semester starts. I'll probably end up signing up anyway, because apparently I enjoy stretching my stress capacity to the max. Especially when H/D is involved.
  • I've created the comm for the next gen fest and mapped out the tentative schedule (sign-ups starting in mid-September, fics due at the end of December), but I want to be absolutely certain before I make everything public. [info]dellure has agreed to co-mod with me, so 1) yay for definite help! and 2) yay for meeting new fandom people!
  • I'm really excited for Terminus. I've decided I'm just going to bum around the hotel and pounce on anyone I recognise if they don't look like they're hurrying from one event to another. I... don't really know what most of my flist looks like, though. *checks the Ficcers vs. Fanartists post again* One of my friends is flying in from Toronto and she's not registering either, so I'm looking forward to taking her out for dinner. Because that's all there is to do in Chicago. (Semi-related: I can't wait to go back to LA -- I just bought my plane ticket for August 20th :D)
  • Gokujou no Koibito ch 14's been released! GO DL IT. If you need motivation: there's a scene that involves Masahiro, a bathtub, and sexy thoughts of Yoshimi XD
  • I watched Definitely, Maybe and Penelope the other day. They're both adorable. I usually pick apart chick flicks (HSM = exception), but I really enjoyed these two. Mostly because I was drooling over Ryan Reynolds and James McAvoy the whole time. 
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Yaoi rec: Mukizu ja Irarenee

Mukizu ja Irarenee by Sadahiro Mika

I'm not gonna lie -- this manga is pretty much 3/4 smut. The reason why I'm reccing it is because it's an example of smut done right. The manga is about two characters, Shouji and Terumi, who both have a romantic connection to a third character, Honami: Shouji is Honami's current boyfriend, and Terumi was Honami's first love. They meet up accidentally and start having sex because it's a way for Terumi to feel closer to Honami, whom he harbours lingering feelings for. Obviously, Shouji and Terumi fall in love, and a complicated love triangle (that eventually turns into a love square) ensues.

Even though the plot isn't groundbreaking, the mangaka does a good job keeping it consistent. The story is tight, the characters are engaging, and the relationships are all well-done. The passion between Shouji and Terami feels real, which is rare in manga. And the smut? The smut is PERFECT. Yeah, it's a bit excessive, but it complements the storyline well. I never felt my attention drifting during the H scenes (*cough*MinamiHaruka*cough*). The art could've been better, but then again, I'm an art snob. I'm sure most people won't have a problem with it.

Idk why I've been reccing so much lately. It's kind of my escape from the stress of writing, I guess. And speaking of writing, I've signed up for hp_cross_fest :S Usually I avoid cross-gen pairings like the plague, but I think I can handle Harry or Draco paired with a next gen character. I want to try something new, at the very least.
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Yaoi Rec: Let Dai

I just checked today and it looks like I've read 165 yaoi mangas since I started up again two months ago (I left a ridiculous comment of recs over at painless_j's journal). That's quite impressive, if I do say so myself. Out of those 165, I've just finished the final chapter of what I believe might be the best of them.

Let Dai by Woon Soon-yeon

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Random stuff

  • OMG. I HATE THE DENTIST. I've been terrified of dentists ever since one screwed up a root canal a few summers back. I went this morning to get one of my cavities fixed, and the dentist told me the tooth needed a root canal but she could do a filling and see if it solved the problem. Of course I agreed; I have the lowest pain tolerance level in the world. They had to stop four times during the process of filling the cavity to shoot me up with more novocaine (the worst part of every dentist trip, IMO), until the entire left side of my face was numb. I couldn't even feel my EAR. Unfortunately, I don't think the filling did the job, because my tooth hurts like a motherfucker now. I'm praying it gets better by tomorrow, because I'd rather lose the tooth completely than get another root canal done ;__;
  • I've officially joined DP Scanlations as an editor :) TBH, I only applied because I wanted to help get the Minase Masara works Hochuuami "dropped" (except Hochuuami suddenly released a chapter days after DP announced they were picking up the projects, after sitting on the chapter FOR NEARLY A YEAR) out faster, but I've agreed to edit other stuff, too. My first assignment is a Minami Haruka series, which means lots of sex and, consequently, lots of annoying SFX *facepalm*
  • I got my 30 gb iPod in the mail the other day! :D Yay, finally I can sell my 2nd gen nano. Now I've got to start rebuilding my music collection, which I lost, thanks to my crappy nano.
  • I'm going back and editing SKOM while I wait for Vana to get back to me with chapter 20, 'cause I reread it the other day and wanted to shoot myself. I'll only be making minor grammar/style changes, nothing major, but hopefully they'll make it slightly easier to make it through the first few chapters.
  • Speaking of SKOM, it's now being translated into Italian. I'll post the link to the first chapter once the translator finishes it :)
  • I've been such a bad H/D shipper lately :\ Every time I sit down to read a fic, my attention starts straying. I tried to read On One's Knees yesterday, and even though it's a great fic, I couldn't stay focused. I think part of it is because I've been writing and editing my own stuff so much lately that when I read someone else's writing, all I can think is "gah, why don't my descriptions and dialogue flow as well as this author's?" and "OMG she uses metaphors so well, gotta take note of how she incorporates them into her writing so smoothly." *headdesks* I need to get myself out of this mindset.
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I'm a man! You're a man! This is a castle of men!

FIRST OF ALL, I NINE'S ALBUM IS OUT!!! I'm downloading it right now. Will edit in my opinion of it after I have listened to it :D

Voting for challenge 3 of ldws is up! Go here to read all of the fabulous entries and vote. I'm so, so, so proud of all of the participants. They keep improving. Some of the drabbles this week actually made me cry, they were so awesome.

Mm, anyway. I was really disappointed by episode 3 of Junjou Romantica :( I don't think it did any justice to Nowaki and Hiro's relationship. I won't spoil it for anyone, but they basically compressed two chapters into one episode and cut out a lot of cute moments. Then they jumped forward to the "6 years later" part in the preview, and I was like, O_O WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. I feel like it took the manga 8450238498423 chapters to get to that point, and the anime did it all in 20 minutes. NOT cool. IMO, everything that happened between Nowaki and Hiro is important, because it shows how they had to overcome their problems for each other. Seriously, they're one of my favourite pairings of all time. Look at my icon and tell me they're not adorable. Hiro = love. I have a thing for grumpy, go-away-I-don't-need-you-even-though-I-love-you-desperately characters.

Speaking of go-away-I-don't-need-you-even-though-I-love-you-desperately characters, I just finished Yellow and it was SO. GOOD. It's officially in my top 5 favourite multi-volume mangas. Taki (the go-away-I-don't-etc. character) is totally my fanon!Draco. I HIGHLY recommend this manga. It's about two drug snatchers, one of whom is gay and in love with the other one, and the assignments they have to solve. It's four volumes long, plus an extra, and it's brimming with action, mystery, humour, angst, and, best of all, lots of yummy UST. READ IT! :D

I need to go write. Um, or at least work on my essay/research project. I analysed the data I've gathered so far in SPSS today, and my p-value was .400, LOL. My TA was watching over my shoulder, and when the ANOVA table showed up, we looked at each other and I could totally tell she was struggling to think of something reassuring to say. Then finally she just said, "Well... I think you might need more data." I burst out laughing.

*goes back to sniffing around for a leak of Clay Aiken's new album*

ETA: Didn't really like I Nine's album :( I think the best songs off of it were already available prior to the release. I did, however, love the full version of "Get Out" :D
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AI7 Top 5 Results

Here we go, top 5 results...

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Two manga recs: Gokujou no Koibito (actually, anything by Minase Masara is good) and Kiss ja Tomaranai. The first is incomplete and can be found , and the second can be found on yshare if you search for it.

On a random side note, I really want to write original fiction now. All the manga I've been reading is making me lose interest in the HP world. Plus I'm reading T.C. Boyle's The Inner Circle right now, which is really making me want to try writing something different. I love historical fiction, and it'd be hella cool to write it, but I don't think I have the motivation right now to do all the research. I'm thinking I might try to get into his creative writing class some time before I graduate. He's supposed to be a self-absorbed professor, but hey, he's a genius, so who cares?