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Moar birthday prezzies for me :D :D :D

draykonis drew me YOUNG!TEDDY HOLDING BABY!AL!!! I dare you to tell me baby!Al is not the most squishable little munchkin you've ever seen. I DARE YOU. And her Teddy is always so hot, even when he's holding a smelly baby XD

I love Faye, Zoey, and the rest of the DP team, because they released NEW MINASE IN HONOUR OF MY BIRTHDAY!!! :D Go check it out -- it's seriously hawt, AND IT HAS GLOVED, ENTWINED-FINGERS SEX! *_*

Last thing -- I got a spot in hd_holidays!!! :D
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I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 Thanks for all the birthday posts and messages and presents! :D :D :D I would list names, but I'm rushing 'cause I wanna finish this post before someone realises I'm hiding in my room and I don't want to forget anyone. I've responded to all the birthday wishes, so if you didn't get a reply from me, just give me a poke 'cause I probably missed you.

Look, look: eerisedda wrote me a side story to her AS/S fic!


I love avada_k, because she wrote the third instalment in her The Adventures of Annie-Sue series XD Quick background: basically, the story started two years ago when I asked her to write me a me/Remus fic. It turned into an Annie-Sue fic, and now avada_k writes me a chapter per birthday. It's awesome and cracktastic and I END UP ~SOULMATES~ WITH HARRY AND DRACO'S CHILD :D :D :D

Off to go reply to Facebook/ass_fest comments.

P.S. - QUEST IS PERFORMING AT MY SCHOOL IN AN HOUR AND I HAVE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING ;_____; Hopefully they'll stick around so I can stalk them when we get back.
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