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I come bearing Kradam .gifs! (okay, and a few self-indulgent pictures from the AI8 finale, too...)

And of course, the famous smooch:

All of these belong to jetaimerai. See the rest here. I am SO sorry for hotlinking if you're reading this, bb, but the internet in my new apt is shit and I can't upload the .gifs to a different server :( Let me know if you want me to take them down.

The finale tapings, btw, were INCREDIBLE. So much better live than on TV. Here are a few pics:

Me with some of my favourite AI gay boys <3

Yeah, okay, I know Chris and Blake are only gay for each other, but I couldn't get a pic with both of them :( choco_carebear did, though!

MY FAVE <3 after Adam

Oh, and speaking of Adam... the boy is a fucking ROCKSTAR in person.

If anyone wants to see more pics, let me know.
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