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Loving American Idol

Guys, I'm digging this season of AI so hard. It looks like the top 36 spoilers are true, so I'm going to take a brief moment to express my fangirly joy.

Omg. Seriously. The boys in the top 36 = LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Adam? Fuck yes. So adorable. Voice can get annoying, but I still love him. (Also, TOTALLY GAY. He sang Cher, ffs.)



Jorge? SECOND FAVOURITE. He looks like a guy I know IRL, so my roommate and I are calling him by the name of our friend. (Possibly gay... but that might just be because the person I know who looks like him is gay.)

Kris? I'm sure no one remembers him, but he was in White Chocolate and they showed a brief clip of his audition in... I think it was SLC, but I'm not sure. He's adorable.

Brent? SO HOT. GUH.

Michael? Okay, I'm not as into him as my roommate is, but he seems like such a sweet, down to earth guy. Definitely more of the Sarah Palin type than the Adam Lambert type, but still!

Nick (aka Norman/Normund/whatever)? HAHAHA I LOVE HIM. His voice irritates the hell out of me, but I love his alter ego. SO glad he made it. (Gay? Straight? Idk, what do you guys think?)

Matt? YES YES YES. He's the Elliott Yamin guy. He's fantastic.

Scott? THIRD FAVOURITEEEE. He's the blind guy, and omg, I definitely cried when he said he couldn't see Paula giving him a standing ovation.

Matthew? The other Matt... he's the one who said "So is that a no?" tonight. I don't have much of an opinion on him yet.

Nate? He's the ridiculously flamboyant kid with the lip piercing who basically throws a fit every time he's on stage. Uh... not really digging him. (Queer as a three dollar bill.)

Kai? He doesn't really count as a guy. Don't like him much.

Ricky? Don't know him. Poor guy.

Stephen? Guy who completely fucked up on the piano and asked to start over again. Not sure why he's in here.

Von? I LOVE HIM. (Might be gay -- some people say he is, but we have no solid proof.)

Alex? He's soooo cute ♥ (I can't decide if I think he's gay or not.)

Junot? Well, he's pretty cool from what I saw of him tonight.

I'm upset that Jamar didn't make it just because the bromance between him and Danny is perfect and it's going to break my heart when they're split apart tomorrow, but other than that, I'm so happy with the boys who made it.

Girls... meh. I'm pissed off that Tatiana made it, but I don't think America likes her at all, so hopefully she'll be gone soon.

Midterm tomorrow, so I'm gonna shut up and study now :x
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