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Finished Merlin today :D I was a bit disappointed with the last episode. I can't wait for Lancelot to come back next season and steal Gwen away to put an end to this developing Arthur/Gwen nonsense. Also, I've got the phrase "Two sides of the same coin" stuck in my head. As in, I keep mentally repeating it over and over again like some kind of mantra. Is that normal? (probably not)

The good thing about finishing the season is I can finally read any fic I want. Since reading = recs, here's one: No Magic Necessary (NC-17, Merlin/Arthur, ~7k). I've never read a fic in which the author's characterisations are so true to the originals. Her Arthur and Merlin are perfect. The build-up is lovely, the porn is incredibly hot, and the ending is awesome. *will be stalking this author from now on*

I also stayed up last night reading Confessions of a Shopaholic, which was surprisingly heartwarming. I don't have much faith in the movie adaptation, but maybe it'll surprise me (especially with Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon... yum).

The SAG Awards are going down at the Shrine Auditorium across the street from my apartment tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get up early to go stalk celebrities. I'm determined to meet at least one of Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Dev Patel, and Hugh Laurie, though considering my luck, none of them will be there. (Also, considering it's 3 am and the fire alarm in my apartment has been going off intermittently for the past four hours without signs of stopping any time soon, I doubt I'll be able to get up early tomorrow.)
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