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AI auditions in Kansas City!

lfjdklsafjad; my iPod is broken :( The time is stuck one hour early and the hold button doesn't work. Fuck it all.

Did anyone watch AI tonight? Because OMG, that was the auditions episode I was waiting for. (Yes, I know, here we go again...)

Last night's episode sucked. With the exception of the blind guy, I basically hated or was bored to tears by everyone they showed. I was also pissed that we didn't hear a peep from Justin Williams, my current pre-season favourite.

Tonight, however, was fantastic. Even the bad auditions were funny. I now have a number of favourites:

- Ashley ("Footstepsprints in the Sand")
- Danny (guy who lost his wife)
- Anoop (name says it all)
- Asa (super cute band teacher who looks like Turk from Scrubs)

I am SO FUCKING IN LOVE with Danny ♥ ♥ ♥ The moment he opened his mouth I thought, this is it, I'm so lost. If he doesn't make it into the top 24 or whatever the hell they're doing this year, I'll eat my hat. He's amazing.

I also liked Michael Castro quite a bit (or at least more than his brother, which isn't saying much). I'm not surprised that he got cut early on in Hollywood, though; he was very average.
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