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My dentist is a moron. She botched the first part of my root canal (and only admitted it today when faced with incriminating x-rays, even though I hinted to her several times over the phone that root canals are not supposed to hurt weeks afterwards), charged me $80 extra to fix it, and then sent me off with a $100 prescription (that my medical insurance may not even cover) for 300 mg Clindamycin to be taken every 6 hours, when she already knows I'm sensitive to antibiotics and half that dose every 8 hours is enough to induce severe side effects. To top it all off, I don't even know if she did the second part of the root canal right, because my tooth is still bothering me. Wtf, dentist?

In happier news, I briefly outlined the next three chapters of SKOM. The final chapter count will be around 27, give or take a chapter or two. It feels rather sudden, but apparently I've already said all I have to say. In regards to chapter 23, guess what? After 130k, the boys are finally taking off their clothes! \o/ Although I admit to abusing a really awful H/D cliche to kinda-sorta pave the way there... actually, come to think of it, I'm gonna have to change that part. The more I think about it, the more contrived/insensitive/generally stupid it seems. Anyone willing to talk it over with me and point out when I overstep the line? Preferably someone who's familiar with the fic, because I kinda don't remember what happened in the first 20 chapters.

Fandomy goals for the remaining 5 days before I go back to school: finish ch 23 of SKOM, a beta job, the Junk Boys QC, and the mirror WiP. The last one's a stretch, but I'm crossing my fingers!
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