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Two fic recs

So I'm mad lucky, because I received two awesome fics recently: A Change of Heart by potteresque_ire (which isn't really gifted to me, but it's based on one of my hd_inspired prompts and I'm selfish so I'm claiming it :p) and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, my awesome hd_hols fic.

I haven't finished A Change of Heart yet (guys, it's 35k -- no, seriously!) but I'm about halfway through it and so far I love it. It's basically a Draco-centric fic that focuses on his life at Hogwarts during the seventh book. The best part is that potteresque_ire incorporated elements of The Warlock's Hairy Heart -- which is, incidentally, my favourite story from Beedle the Bard -- and even twisted around the title of the fairytale, turning it into a wordplay on Harry's name. Draco's character is fascinating in the story, as are his relationships with other characters -- Luna, Ginny, even Moaning Myrtle. But, like I said, I haven't finished the fic yet so I can't give it a proper review. I'm slowly working through it -- it's incredibly dark and dense, and my brain is woefully incapable of handling so much at once :p Just go read it if you haven't yet :D

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room is fantastic. It was posted today, and I read through it in one sitting. (I can handle 7k, lol. Non-crappy first person narrative makes it easier, too :D) It's angsty, with a seriously messed up Draco who keeps getting rescued by Harry, much to his dismay. Draco's voice is awesome and very canon -- he's sarcastic and perfectly composed in some situations, and broken in others. It's a very quick read, so everyone should check it out and leave the mystery author (whose identity I think I might know, but I'm not sure yet) the wonderful comments he/she deserves.

Back to modly things :x By the way, if anyone is interested in pinch hitting non-porny slash for the next gen fest, please sign up here!
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