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rahm omg


  • 9th Dec, 2008 at 11:05 PM
*takes break from dying from finals overload*

Tonight's House was excellent. However, Foreman/Thirteen? WTFWTFWTF STILL CAN'T ERASE HORRIBLE MENTAL IMAGE FROM MIND.

Deactivated my Facebook a few days ago. Got a Twitter account to help curb my FB withdrawal. So far it's not really helping :(



_pinkchocolate wrote:
10th Dec, 2008 11:49 (UTC)
I think most people knew what was going to happen the moment they got the right diagnosis :p Ugh, yeah, the Foreman/13 thing was so contrived. The moment they were alone in that last scene I was like, omg omg omg please tell me I was wrong please... and then they freaking made out for what felt like years. Foreman is just such an asexual character in my mind. I mean, he's so boring. 13 is totally wrong for him.