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rahm balloon


  • 22nd Nov, 2008 at 5:16 PM
Is anyone free right now? I'm pretty much finished with my hd_hols fic, but the ending is disgustingly cheesy and I need one last quick beta before I send it off. Comments are screened, or you can email me at shmexsay@yahoo.com.

Thanks, guys ♥

Here, have a screencap meme thing. I combined furiosity's and gossymer's, just because I can.

Post a screenshot of your browser (close nothing)
Post a screenshot of your desktop (close nothing) -- artwork by the fabulous glockgal
Paste whatever's in your clipboard: I can't, it's a bunch of stuff from my hd_hols fic :(
If you have a music player open, print screen.
Pick a folder, open it, print screen -- it's my folder of WiPs, lol. There are so many :( I've been working on the Moulin Rouge H/D fic for AGES, and I keep changing the story... hence the reason why there are three completely different versions, all of which are over 50 pages long.