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rahm balloon

Fandom love

  • 13th Nov, 2008 at 11:44 PM
I love my new fandom. Seriously. rahmbamarama = ONTD meets slash fandom = BEST COMM EVER.

Also, I will have an update of SKOM coming tomorrow or the day after. I just finished the rest of chapter 22. YES. I KNOW. WTF, RIGHT?


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eerisedda wrote:
14th Nov, 2008 19:29 (UTC)
You has another chapter?!?!?!?!?

Ohmygod! But that means I have to wait till I get back from SoCal to read it!!!! -flails- At least I have that to look forward to!!!!!! ^_^ And I look forward to seeing you! So, we're gonna head straight to the protest after picking me up. I'll call you and we can figure out where to meet and if we wanna do sushi after or before. >_<

See you soon!
figs_133 wrote:
14th Nov, 2008 21:27 (UTC)
tiger_flame wrote:
15th Nov, 2008 01:38 (UTC)
OMG! Really!!! Wow.... that's like the reason I joined lj... I can't believe there's an update... I need to go reread the last few chapters...I don't remember what's happened... *flush*
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