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11 percent of the votes in California have been counted, and yes on prop 8 is winning 55-45 right now.

I'm freaking out. *clings to nearest person*

Will keep updating this post as the vote counts pour in.

ETA: 12 percent, and it's at 56-44. Word is we won't have the final results until tomorrow morning. Also, it looks like Los Angeles and San Francisco haven't been counted yet, which is a huge relief. But in some counties, the gap is as wide as 76-24 in favour of prop 8 :\

ETA2: As of 10:25 pm PST, the race has tightened to 52.4% yes, 47.6% no. We're getting there, guys!

ETA3: I'm about 97% sure we're not going to win this one. This map shows how all of the CA counties are voting. So far it's 34% of the votes counted, and 52.5% yes, 47.5% no. LA is voting yes so far, and SF has already been counted.

ETA4: As of 1:30 am PST, 72% of the votes have been counted and prop 8 is still leading, 52.2% to 47.8%. With the exception of LA, the only counties that remain to be counted are the extremely conservative ones.

ETA5: Woke up this morning to find out that it had been passed. Long post coming as soon as I get through my midterm and job interview today.
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