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H/D inspired reveals

hd_inspired reveals are up! marguerite_26 wrote my favourite fic, Burn, Burn, and predictably enough, draykonis drew my favourite art piece, Pest Control. The cool thing about the fest was that I found out a lot of interesting stuff about new and old authors that really took me by surprise. The biggest disappointment was that none of my prompts ended up getting written :(

I wrote One-Winged Angels using a_queen_bee's prompt. I probably won't repost the fic here, but I will respond to the reviews eventually. Thanks to all my fantastic betas, especially avada_k, aki_hoshi, and brknhalo241. I would've scrapped the fic long ago if it weren't for avada_k -- she forced me to keep writing every time I hated the fic so much that I wanted to toss it in a fire. I still don't like it, but at least it's finished :P aki_hoshi and brknhalo241 were both absurdly helpful in rewriting the ending and improving the fic in general. If anyone wants a taste of what the ending looked like before they brought their good sense and ideas to the table, have a look.

“Draco,” Potter said pleadingly.

“Stop blubbering, Potter,” Draco said with a sigh. He pushed himself up and began searching the floor for his underpants. “You’ll make it up to me, obviously. You can start by telling me why you chose me over the Weaslette. That’s not to say it wasn’t the intelligent thing to do, but let’s face it, doing the intelligent thing isn’t really your forte. I’ll have you know right now, I won’t give you the brood of Potter juniors she can. Hell, chances are I’ll marry and you’ll get tired of sneaking around and end up wedding her anyway. So why?”

Draco glanced over his shoulder to find Potter staring up at the hangings. “You reckon you will? Marry, that is. After this. After us.”


“Well,” Potter said, sitting up and wrapping a sheet around himself, “how about marrying me?”

Draco gaped at him. “What?”

“Might as well,” Potter said with a shrug. He pointed his wand at Draco and muttered, “Fetus Revelis.” A bright green light glowed over Draco’s abdomen, making his skin sparkle. Draco was momentarily dazzled by himself. “See, you’re pregnant with my kid. We can give it the Malfoy surname if you want an heir so desperately.”

Draco was delighted. “Wow, this is so much better than making Pansy carry my spawn. Thanks, Potter.”

“So are we good?”


Suddenly, the door burst open. A very hot man with wild brown hair ran inside. “Hello!” he exclaimed. “I’m David, and I’m taking you from behind.”

“What?” Draco and Potter said in unison.

The man beamed at them and ran back out. The door swung shut behind him.

“He was rather attractive,” Draco said thoughtfully.

Harry facepalmed. “I knew I should’ve locked the door,” he muttered.

I think brknhalo241 thought it was actually a for real for real ending, because she handled it very gravely XD I actually wrote it for avada_k as a joke alternative ending, and then I realised it was much better than the one I had planned. Which I think says a lot about the original ending...
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