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I just rewatched the first episode of QaF, and now I want to rewatch the entire season. Definitely NOT a good craving to have, considering the last time I got hooked on QaF, I finished all five seasons in less than a week. Sadly, I no longer have the luxury of spending 16 hours a day watching episodes on my computer :( *purges thoughts of Brian Kinney from mind*

Two of the members of my frat are getting married in the spring, and they want me to do a photo shoot around campus for them. I spent the day fiddling around in Photoshop, trying to figure out how to enhance the quality of crappy digital camera pictures. I experimented on a bunch of photos my friend took of me at the retreat -- here are a few of them.

Just for fun, hee.

And while I'm posting pictures of myself, here's one I took with my roommate a while back that I meant to post on here at the time but totally forgot to:

*is totally rocking the male K-pop singer look*
Tags: pictures, queer as folk, rl
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