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I'm in the library, and there's a hot guy sitting next to me, and avada_k  just made me laugh out loud with this:

me: there's a hot asian guy sitting next to me
/me tries not to stare
dieginny: ooooh
what a kind of oxymoron
i know right
i just laughe dout loud
in the library
dieginny: hit on him
me: i think he thinks i'm crazy now
dieginny: lol
he does not
he thinks
who is this rebellious asian chick
who shuns society's rules
dieginny: and laughs in libraries
me: he seriously will think i'm insane
  • Speaking of [info]avada_k... she and I were discussing the "edgy" style of writing that seems to be popular in fandom (you know, short scenes that start and cut off abruptly, time skipping that doesn't go through everything that happened between scenes), and she brought up the fact that SKOM would probably be a thing of the past now if I'd written it in that style. So now she's going to write SKOM in 15 minutes, and so far she's already finished 8 of the 25 items on the list -- in one day XD I WISH I'D THOUGHT OF THIS EARLIER. *fails* (btw, Amy, this means you have to finish and post the fic now)
  • DP released Bi no Isu in honour of [info]scryren's birthday! :D I'm so excited -- this is probably my favourite of all the projects I've edited so far, with the exception of maybe GnK and Aishuu. IT HAS BONDAGE AND HOT YAKUZA PORN AND PRETTY BOYS O_O *loves*
  • A post at [info]harrydraco had me going through my collection of rent boy H/D fics, and it made me realise how much I really love rent boy fics. There are so few of them in our fandom, though, and I'm quite positive I've read all the readable ones ;___; *prays her wonderful hd_hols gifter will write her rent boy fic*
  • I don't know if I mentioned this on here, but in the four or five days after I moved into my new apartment, we had a total of SEVEN fire drills (with three of them taking place around 2 in the morning). I think they finally stopped, because we didn't have any yesterday or the day before, so *crosses fingers*

Gotta go get my payroll stuff for the newspaper fixed now. Will post tomorrow or the day after to squee over my hd_hols assignment.
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