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Random post of doom

I lied in my last post. PACKING IS EATING MY BRAIN. Need a bit of LJ relief.


Plz to be commenting ♥

RL: I can't decide whether to join the op-eds section or the lifestyle section of my school newspaper ;__; I got accepted to both, but I only have time for one, so I have to let the section editor know ASAP. ALSO, I CUT MY HAIR. NOW IT LOOKS LIKE THIS o_o

SKOM: For those of you who are only here for SKOM updates, here's a quick run-down of how I see the fic turning out:

avada_k: /me suspects you'll still be writing skom when you turn 20
_pinkchocolate: lmfao
perhaps when i turn 40
skom will be the sole thing keeping me in fandom
avada_k: lol
it'll have like 103958109283123 chapters
and you will be like
stupid... fic...
draco and harry will be like 100 years old
and still unable to get their act together
and then they'll go the same way as dumbledore and grindelwald
withered old heartbroken gay men

And, on a semi-related note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, avada_k!!!!!! I would write you a birthday fic, but the only thing I know about Doctor Who is that Jack is verily awesome and looks damn good on my desktop. So instead of a getting present, you can go have a look at your birthday present two years ago and then go back to writing my Annie-Sue fic :D
Tags: fic updates (or lack thereof), meme, random, rl
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