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Organisation post for myself

After the disaster that was (and is -- I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED, and it's due in two days) my hd_inspired fic, I've forced myself to only sign up for hd_holidays and no other holiday exchange fests. Once I factor in all my other commitments this fall, I think 2 months is enough time to write a fic. Hopefully I'll have learned some writing discipline by then and not let myself get carried away with my submission (see: every other fest I've participated in).

I'm also modding hg_nextgen_fest, which I'm very excited for. I nao gives you a shiny banner:

Art by draykonis
HP Next Gen Gift Exchange Fest

This is one of my favourite draykonis pieces, and it looks like everyone else who's just discovering her for the first time loves it too, WHICH MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY BECAUSE I'M TOTALLY ONE OF HER BIGGEST FANGIRLS HER UNOFFICIAL PUBLICIST OR SOMETHING :D Banner art squee aside, sign-ups for the fest start September 7 and submissions aren't due until December 15. If you're interested, watch the comm :) Also, if you read next gen het and are interested in modding, let me know -- my co-mods and I are all slashers, so we may need you to proofread the Scorpius/Rose and Teddy/Victoire fics.

As for SKOM... I'M SO SORRY, GUYS ;____; Chapter 21 has been finished for a long time, but my beta has died and I'm thinking I might just forget about betas for this fic because who the hell has the time to stay committed to a potentially 300k fic? In any case, I promise I'll post ch 21 soon... after I work on ch 22 some more. When will I find the time to do that? Between my hd_inspired deadline and the day I receive my hd_hols assignment if I'm chosen in the lottery. I'll be moving and shit during that time, but I do have four hours on the plane that I can set aside for SKOM :D
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