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SYTYCD4 Top 6 Performances

Don't like Cat's dress tonight.

Wow, I can't believe Katua and Marksie are still here. Twitchington is the only power couple that was broken up.

Mark & Courtney - Viennese Waltz - Jason Gilkison (10/10)

OMG THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. BEST VIENNESE WALTZ SO FAR THIS SEASON. That was really, really fantastic choreography -- it was more traditional than Jean-Marc's stuff, but in a really good way. Their close-hold was great, as was their rise and fall. There was no awkward jerky stuff like I've seen in the other Viennese Waltzes this season.

Chelsie's solo (7/10)

It was better than her usual stuff. She actually did something different -- a spin into a split at the end. Still pretty boring, though.

Twitch's solo (10/10)

I really enjoyed that. His solos are always gimmicky in a really cool way. HAHA CAT TRYING ON THE GLASSES AND TEETH! LOOOOOOOOOOL, love it.

Joshua & Katee - Contemporary - Tyce Diorio (10/10)

Awwww @ "they can't stay away from each other, just like us, we were split apart and now we're back together." GOD THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. The lifts and leaps and tricks were just stunning o_o I agree that was the best Tyce routine so far this season. Adam! Tyce! Paula! <3 You can totally tell the judges are crazy pimping these two, though.

Twitch & Chelsie - Mambo - Tony & Meredith (7/10)

Ouch, Twitch was just not good. At all. There was no fire in his dancing. But Chelsie... hot damn, woman. Her hips are CRAZY, and the dress really accentuated them. She was seriously the hot tamale train personified. The judges didn't criticise Twitch enough, IMO :\

Katee's solo (7/10)


Joshua's solo (9/10)

It was great, but I was kind of bored throughout half of it. Same stuff as usual.

Mark & Courtney - Jazz - Sonya Tayeh (10/10)

Wow, that was fantastic. So dark and animalistic and o_o! Mark and Chelsie did a FANTASTIC job with the choreography (even though I still don't like Sonya's choreography). Courtney looks INCREDIBLE. God, they just captured the spirit of the dance so well. And seriously, Courtney really is the most versatile of the contestants. She's done every single style of dance so, so, SO well.

Joshua & Katee - Paso Doble - Jason Gilkison (10/10)

Katee looks fantastic. And hey, Joshua finally gets his shirtless moment! MY GOD WHAT FANTASTIC PASO CHOREOGRAPHY! AND THE MUSIC! AND OMG! The raw power and passion and anger and just overall EPICNESS. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. Oh dear, two Mary screams. Oh, no, make that three. My goodness.

Courtney's solo (10/10)

I LOVE THIS GIRL. WHAT CAN SHE NOT DO? I can't believe I started out disliking her. I was stupid, I admit it. If she leaves tomorrow night, I'm going to cut a bitch.

Mark's solo (8/10)


Twitch & Chelsie - Hip Hop - NappyTabs (8/10)

That was... interesting. I'm not sure what to classify that dance as. The choreography was fun, but I can't decide whether I liked it or not. I guess the performance was pretty good. I really dislike Chelsie. And I want Twitch gone. TWITCH AND CHELSIE FTL.

Damn, check out all those 10/10s. Tonight really was an awesome night. PLUS WE FINALLY GOT TO SEE JOSHUA AND MARK SHIRTLESS! WINNNNNN.

Analysis for the night...

Best couple: Mark & Courtney
Best individual dancer: Courtney
Who should leave tomorrow: Twitch & Chelsie

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