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1) Rude/inattentive/inconsistent eBay users. I've been buying and selling on eBay for three years, and I've never had a bad transaction. A few days ago, I sold an iPod. The buyer was a first timer with no feedback. Since the end of the auction, she's neither paid nor contacted me to let me know what's up. I understand that she is new to the eBay system, but honestly? It shouldn't take four days to figure PayPal out. Word of advice, guys: if you're unwilling to pay a certain amount for something, DON'T PUT THAT AS YOUR MAXIMUM BID. It's not just eBay etiquette; it's fucking logic. Also, pay immediately after you win something. I always pay within hours of the end of the auction, even if I've changed my mind about wanting the item. It's only fair to the seller. I'm about to send the user a bitchy request for payment. If she doesn't respond within a week, I'm contacting eBay. I'm not going to wait for the buyer to get her shit together. There's quite a lot of money involved ($100, plus shipping), so I'd like to know if I have to relist the item ASAP.

2) People who promise they'll do something, then back out when it becomes a reality. Most of my friends are like this, and it drives me up the fucking wall. Don't say "Yeah, I'll definitely go to Terminus with you" or "Hey, take me to LA with you when you go back" or "I'm willing to pay this price for this item" IF YOU'RE NOT ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY POSITIVE YOU'LL DO IT. Because you know who suffers when you make a last minute change of plans? The people who were banking on you to follow through with those plans.

3) My increasingly crappy internet connection. It's a problem, since editing for DP requires that I regularly download and upload 100mb files. I also want to download the UNCENSORED!!! version of Junjou Romantica ep 1, but I think I'll have to wait until I go back to school. Because guess what my current average download speed is? 7kb/s. I really loathe DSL.

4) The new Facebook layout. It's a useless, inconvenient piece of crap. I've been Facebooking ever since it was a tiny, obscure networking site for college students and the most elite high school students, and I've put up with all of the makers' ridiculous ideas, from opening registration up to the public to the introduction of the stalker-like newsfeed to allowing apps that determine which Twilight guy you are. However, they've reached new heights of stupidity with this new system. If it weren't for my deep-rooted loyalty to Facebook, I'd quit the site.

5) The age-old personality argument. Just because someone isn't bouncing off the walls cracking jokes doesn't mean he/she has no personality. In other words: people who wanted Will gone because he's quieter and more serious than the rest of the contestants should diaf. At least try for a valid argument if you're going to support what's obviously a stupid, unfair elimination.
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