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SYTYCD4 Top 8 Results

I'm not sure how I feel about Cat's look tonight. The top of her dress is questionable, but the bottom is lovely.

I really liked that group routine. Who is this new choreographer?! Didn't catch his name :(

Lecture from Nigel about voting ;__; Poor Nigel and Cat. I feel you guys -- Canadians don't get to vote, either :(

lol they're showing the dancers backstage like AI. How cute. Something about Katee's personality bothers me. She's so... unaffected by everything.

No need to look so shocked, Katee. Everyone knew you were safe...


WHAT WILL IS IN THE B2?!?!?!?!?!??! WUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. NO. THIS IS NOT COOL. JUST WHEN HE FINALLY WON ME OVER OMG WTF. AMERICA FSUX. Shit, I know this point of the competition is when America starts caring more about personality than technique, but I really can't accept the possibility that Will might leave.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Comfort is?

WHAT. MARK IS SAFE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OH MY GOD THIS RESULTS SHOW IS WHACK. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. I'm starting to dislike Mark now :\

lol I love the expressions on Twitch's and Joshua's faces. They look so devastated.

I really can't stand Chelsie now. Her attitude bothers the FUCK out of me. And yet she's still safe... sigh.

Why are they doing this to Courtney? Just leaving her backstage when she knows she's not safe?

I knew Twitch wouldn't be safe, but... wait. omg. Is Twitch really crying? OMG NO JFKJFKL;JKLWEJKLWA I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BETWEEN TWITCH AND WILL ;___; I really, really, REALLY loathe this show at times like this.

The format of tonight's show is stupid. Why don't they just bring the last two girls and last two guys out? We all KNOW what's going to happen to Courtney and Joshua, so why make us and them wait?

Wow, that Pas de Deux was really pretty. That's a REAL Pas de Deux, guys. Not that contemporary routine Desmond choreographed for Will and Katee.

I actually... kind of liked Comfort's solo. Or at least more than her usual solos.

Will's solos are always so pretty.

Wow, Courtney's solo was fantastic. I adore her.

I can sorta see the fire missing from Twitch's dancing. He didn't look as happy as he usually does. This is so sad ;__; I don't want to lose any of the boys.

Ugh. Another rap guest performance. Food break.

The girl leaving is... Comfort. THANK THE GODS. It's about time. lol I think this is the first time in AI/SYTYCD history that a contestant has had two goodbye videos made for her.

The guy leaving is... Will. OH. MY. GOD. WHY WILL. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NO THIS IS NOT OKAY WITH ME. I CAN'T ACCEPT THIS. His goodbye video made me BAWL. Just seeing Willsica again... ♥

GIVE WILL BACK. I would exchange any of the contestants but Courtney for Will ;_______;
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