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SYTYCD4 Top 8 Performances

Oooh, I approve of Cat's dress tonight. It looks great on her. I'm not sure how I feel about the weird fake jewels around the collar, though. They're very Forever 21-esque.

WHY IS COMFORT STILL HERE. I'm sorry, maybe I'm not ghetto enough, but I don't understand the hand on the shoulder thing. What does it mean?

Who's Toni Basil? >.> Oh, but she does have a very impressive resume.

Will & Courtney - Samba - Jean-Marc & France (8/10)

WHOA WILL'S HIPS o_o Look at them go. Naturally Will still has to wear a transparent shirt. That lift at the end was so hot <3 I enjoyed that -- it wasn't quite fast as enough for me in some parts, but it was a great way to open the show. I LOOOOOOVEEEE COURTNEY <3 OMG, is this the first time Will's partner's gotten more praise than him? I don't really like this new judge...

Comfort's solo (4/10)

I AM SO SICK OF HER SOLOS. gtfo my screen, Comfort.

Twitch & Katee - Contemporary - Mia Michaels (9/10)

I love this song! WHOOOOOOOOOA OKAY AM I SEEING THINGS OR DID THEY JUST HAVE A DOM/LAUREN MAKE-OUT SESSION? I'm in a state of shock right now. All right, sorry, but that was hardly dancing, much less contemporary. There were like, one or two contemporary moves in there, and TBH, Twitch didn't really do that well with them. It was a whole lot of frantic running around and really great acting. LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Mary's scream. The interactions between Nigel and Mary are getting more and more out of hand, LOL. WHY IS NO ONE MENTIONING THE FACT THAT THEY JUST DEVOURED EACH OTHER'S FACES? The pimping is fucking out of control tonight. I mean, Twitch and Katee got Mia, contemporary, a well-known song, and a prop. We all know that means instant safety.

Will's solo (10/10)


Mark & Comfort - Hip Hop - NappyTabs (8/10)

NOOOOO WHY COMFORT. My poor bb Mark ;____; Holy shit that somersault over the head thing was so awesome and flawless. I actually really enjoyed that. First fast hip hop routine I've enjoyed this season. I agree with Nigel; I was surprised by how good Mark was. Comfort was great, too.

Katee's solo (8/10)

I love this song! Katee has a really awful centre when she does her turns. She did everything perfectly, but honestly, there was no... idk, power behind her dancing. I would've preferred if Courtney had danced her solo to this song.

Joshua & Chelsie - Argentine Tango - Dmitry Chaplin (8/10)

Chelsie's personality reminds me of some of my friends -- like, the really rough, boyish, "bitch don't touch me" girl, lol. It's... kind of annoying on her. Damn, Chelsie's legs just go on forever o_O That was a very fast Argentine Tango. I liked it, actually. Great choreography from Dmitry <3 Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the chemistry, but it was there and good enough for me. I agree with Mary that Chelsie did a better job performing this Argentine Tango than her first one.

Mark's solo (6/10)

AWWWWWWW MARK THE WEIRD KID <3 <3 <3 <3 That solo was... not good ;__; WHY, MARK, WHY. WHY CAN'T YOU SHOW WHAT YOU'RE CAPABLE OF? Ugh. He's screwed.

Will & Courtney - Lyrical Hip Hop - NappyTabs (9/10)

SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS PERFORMANCE!!! I love the story behind this one. Let's hope Will and Courtney do this justice. Awww, I loved the "If I couldn't feel your touch part" ;__; The close dancing part also made me tear up. That was very pretty. I loved it <3 AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @ THE PICTURES. My third favourite of the four NappyTabs lyrical hip hop routines, but it was still so moving and wonderful.

Chelsie's solo (7/10)

Better than last week's solo, but still not entertaining enough. Chelsie doesn't know how to dance solos as a ballroom dancer. She should learn from Benji and Lacey.

Twitch & Katee - Broadway - Tyce Diorio (9/10)

Loved it. Katee was FANTASTIC. Twitch just barely kept up with her. They're both great actors :D Felt like real, authentic Broadway choreography from Tyce. I preferred Mark and Chelsie's "I'm a Woman" performance, though. I disagree with Toni -- I liked Katee better here.

Joshua's solo (9/10)

Great solo. It was nice seeing him do so many different kinds of hip hop.

Courtney's solo (9/10)

Awww, I love Courtney. It was softer than her usual solos, but I still liked it. I would've liked to see her do more coming out of that turn in the beginning.

Twitch's solo (8/10)

Er... five seconds after the solo ended I forgot it. I'll assume it was good, though.

Mark & Comfort - Foxtrot - Jean-Marc & France (6/10)

Uh... please don't kill me, but I actually liked that. Some of the actual dancing was crap (especially the close hold *wince*), but they did a lot better than I expected. There weren't any obvious fumbles, and the lifts and stuff all went well. The choreography was awesome. I kinda agree with the judges, though. Everything looked very placed and one-two-step-ish. But the judges didn't give them any credit at all for the good parts of the routine :\ Like... Mark's solo at the beginning.

Joshua & Chelsie - Disco - Doriana Sanchez (7/10)

Why's disco always the last performance? o_O Yay, lots of lifts! *loves disco lifts* Joshua's spin was the ultimate failure. That dress does nothing for Chelsie's figure. The disco dancing parts were really awesome. Some of the lifts were pretty awkward, though. Um... yeah. Remember when disco was actually awesome in S1? *sigh* I have to add on a point for that lift that Doriana said she's never done before. I gasped out loud when Chelsie changed positions so flawlessly.

My analysis for the night...

Best couple: tie between Twitch & Katee and Will & Courtney
Worst couple: Mark & Kherington
Best individual dancer: Will
Best performance: Will & Courtney's lyrical hip hop

And I think the updated list of favourites is unnecessary, seeing as my favourites are pretty much set in stone at this point.

All in all, a much better show than I've seen in previous weeks.
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