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Terminus: y/n?

Guys, I can't decide whether or not I should register for Terminus. I know the obvious choice should be "yes", considering I live in Chicago, but I'm having trouble bringing myself to do it. And I guess I should decide soon, since I'd much rather buy a ticket from someone who can't go than pay $200 at the door.

- Getting to attend the con. Duh. I'm not particularly interested in any of the presentations, but it'd be interesting to attend a few for the heck of it. And the events look awesome. The only gathering of hardcore HP fans I've ever attended was Spellbound, and that hardly compares to a real con.
- I WANT TO GO TO THE WROCK CONCERT, OMG. I know I can go without registering for the con, but still... if it's one, I want the other as well.
- I'm sick of Wilmette. I want to get away from home for a while. It's been a while since I spent a long time in downtown.
- Biggest pro: I'll get to meet new people! (aka you guys ♥)

- Still not sure if I want to attend the actual con. Even though a lot of the events sound interesting, I don't know if I could handle four straight days of hardcore HP discussion and partying. Even the discussion that took place during Emerson's book signing was too intense for me.
- Speaking of partying, I'm not a party person. Like, at all. I know, I go to USC, but I don't drink, which means I'm kind of lame at parties. Not that that'll make a difference -- I'm sure there'll be chaperons there making sure to keep the alcohol far away from everyone under 21 :P Also, I have never partied with HP fans. Even at Spellbound, my group of friends and I spent the majority of the night either sitting in the back of Alivan's doing nothing or riding up and down the mall elevator (no joke).
- Nowhere to stay. I live in the vicinity, so there'd be no point in me paying for a room downtown, but I'm not too keen on travelling back and forth. A few people, on and off LJ, have offered to let me crash (*hugs* ♥), but idk. It's not necessarily the money issue, because I'd love to split the cost of a room with other people. It just seems kind of... pointless staying in a hotel less than an hour away from home.
- $200 is quite a lot of money for someone who only works part-time and has college fees to pay off :(
- Biggest con: I would feel kind of lost. I know several people who're going, but they've all got their own groups of friends. I'm kind of shy/antisocial/awkward around people I've never met before (especially if they all know each other), so I'd prefer to have someone I can cling onto :P One of my RL friends says he'll come with me, but he hasn't made any definite plans yet, so I don't want to rest all my hopes on him. This is my first con, so I'm a little nervous.

Er... somehow the cons list ended up longer than the pros list :\ *didn't intend for that to happen* Regardless of whether or not I choose to register for the con, I'll almost definitely be at the H/D meet-up :D

Since I'm on the subject of Chicago...

I went downtown the other day and took my first ever pictures at the Bean. Yeah, I've been living in Chicago for 6 years, and I only recently saw the Bean for the first time. *does not get out much*

Anyway, here are some pictures of touristy places from my trip around Chicago!

The Bean :D It's this giant, silver, shiny thing of awesomeness, smack dab in the middle of Millennium Park. Perfect for tourists who love pictures (or for suburbs people who are too lazy to go downtown more than once every few months).

At the Taste of Chicago. I'm in love with the colour of the sky here -- it's never this blue in Los Angeles.

The Buckingham Fountain :D DID YOU GUYS KNOW THE CITY'S SPENDING 25 FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS TO RENOVATE THIS SHIT? As if we don't already have the highest sales tax rates in the country (10.25% in some parts of the city, 11.25% in other parts, and then extra for food and beverages), now they're wasting $25 million on a perfectly fine fountain. GAH, this is why I hate living in Chicago.

We do have gorgeous architecture, though <3

Idk. Trees are nice.

We ended up walking from Grant Park to Navy Pier (don't ask why... it's a long story). Luckily we found a shortcut under a highway and across this bridge.

More high rises. Apparently I have a thing for them.

Navy Pier from above at night :D

*done picture spamming*
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