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SYTYCD Top 10 Performances

Cat's dress is revolting. It looks like wrinkled gold wrapping paper.

lol way to explain why there are only four girls in the beginning, Cat. I WANT JESSICAAAAAA ;__;


Joshua & Courtney - Hip Hop - Dave Scott (9/10)

Awww the end of their pre-performance video was so cute. Whoooooooa crazy sidespin lift thingy. Damn, that was hot. I really liked it. Good way to execute the concept. They're so hot together XD Dave Scott ftw <3 I don't think Courtney hit some of the parts hard enough, but she impressed me with her actual performance. Joshua was fantastic. LOL @ Doctor Spankenstein.

Chelsie's solo (7/10)

She looks great when she does the ballroom footwork and stuff, but she didn't do ANYTHING special in that solo. It was boring, and anyone who doesn't like/understand ballroom will forget it.

Awwww @ the Twitchington good-bye ;__;

Mark & Kherington - Two-Step - Ronnie & Brandi (4/10)

Oh GOD the beginning of that was sooooo awful. The entire thing was awkward fumbles and missed spins. But what the FUCK @ that dance, I'm sorry, but it was not good at all. The kicks and tricks were great, but all the different hand switches were just BAD and not coordinated at all. I agree with Mary and Nigel; Kherington wasn't there for Mark, and you couldn't see the trust between them, but at least they didn't give up.

Gev's solo (10/10)

That was fantastic. Gev is just great at solos. All the tricks were clean and interesting. Love, love, love <3

Twitch & Comfort - Smooth Waltz - Hunter Johnson (5/10)

OMG Twitch/Hunter XD XD XD I LOVE SYTYCD SLASH. Okay, I have to admit, that was pretty... but it wasn't good. The music didn't fit with the way they danced the choreography. Their dancing was too slow and jerky in some parts (especially the actual dancing and footwork and stuff). It was kind of like Katua's Viennese Waltz -- pretty choreography, pretty music, pretty everything, but visible lack of technique. Mary said it best: "the quality of movement was just not there." But yay, at least they got the lift! That was my favourite part <3

Random side note during the commercial: so far this show is really awful. I can't help thinking back to previous top 10s and wondering why the fuck this season's is so lame.

Courtney's solo (10/10)

God, that was STUNNING. Her solos are so powerful, both in terms of performance and technique. Just wonderful.

Will & Katee - Broadway - Tyce Diorio (8/10)

DMITRY IN THE AUDIENCE! I'm sorry, but I didn't like that choreography. It was by no means a showstopping routine IMO. However, Will and Katee performed it fantastically. They were both in character, which made everything really entertaining. Katee looks great tonight. There's no question that they're both AMAZING dancers, but I'm sorry, I just didn't like the performance. *knocks off two personal preference points*

Mark's solo (9/10)

MARK! FINALLY! I've been waiting for his solo since forever <3 That was really great -- I love his quirkiness. I wish he would've done more tricks and stuff, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Gev & Chelsie - Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh (8/10)

Er... I didn't really like that either. I'M SORRY OKAY I DON'T LIKE SONYA'S CHOREOGRAPHY. GO AHEAD AND SHOOT ME. They were very cute together, though, and I can acknowledge that the routine was very good. *knocks off two personal preference points again* LOL @ Gev having Courtney on his mind. Ouch. Why won't Nigel shut up about Gev/Courtney?

Comfort's solo (7/10)

I'm sick of seeing her dance solos. Enough, already.

Twitch's solo (9/10)

I loved that. Twitch's solos are always so entertaining. He's so adorable *squeezes him tight*

Joshua & Courtney - Rumba - Jean-Marc & France (9/10)

I LOVE Rumbas XD Oh God, the "You can take my breath away" part was sooo sexy. And the part when he lifted her leg and OMG *fans self* JESUS CHRIST that was so hot. Great chemistry, and both of their hips were just delicious. LOL @ Joshua wanting to catch up with shirtless!Will and shirtless!Twitch.

Katee's solo (8/10)

Very pretty, but I was expecting more. She's a great technical dancer. Her movements across the stage were effortless and smooth. The performance was lacking something, though.

Mark & Kherington - Jazz - Tyce Diorio (7/10)

That was a really great ROUTINE, and I love the choreography with the music, but I didn't like the way Markington executed it. They weren't always perfectly together, and Mark didn't hit some parts hard enough. More importantly, they didn't give the performance the energy it deserved. I mean, most of the technique was there, but I was let down by their dancing. Agree with Lil' C about the lifts not being smooth enough. Agree with Nigel's driving test analogy.

Will's solo (8/10)

It was all right. I expected more from him.

Twitch & Comfort - Hip Hop - Dave Scott (9/10)

Oh dear. Here it is. That was... actually quite good. Comfort was better than I expected. I feel like most people are going to vote for the song ("Forever" by Chris Brown), though. LOL okay I actually kind of like Lil' C as a judge. He's so funny XD Mary's standing up for Twitch! Omg! Twitch wins at life!

Kherington's solo (8/10)

I liked it. It was good. She's a great dancer when she dances solo. Not much else to say.

Will & Katee - Pas de Deux - Desmond Richardson (10/10) ♥

LOL THEY'RE USING DAVID ARCHULETA'S VERSION OF IMAGINE. Ouch @ the one balance adjustment when he was spinning her around using her leg or whatever he did. AND THE ENDING POSE HOLY FUCKING HELL OMG IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. That performance was fucking INCREDIBLE. The lifts and spins and tricks and oh my GOD. Exquisite, like Mary said.

Joshua's solo (9/10)

The way Joshua dances reminds me of Jamile from S1 :D That was a really great solo, and I love how he did the chest pops at the end like Twitch XD

Gev & Chelsie - Jive - Jean-Marc & France (6/10)

OMG THE MISSED HAND GRABS ;_____; Those were pretty painful. Um... okay, I'm sorry, that routine was soooo fast, but Gev did NOT step up the plate. He didn't smile enough, and his steps were lacking technique. Chelsie was fantastic, though. I totally agree with Lil' C -- for those times Gev wasn't there, Chelsie just put on her "I'll do it myself" face XD I disagree with the judges overall. I didn't think that performance was very good overall :\

My analysis for the night...

Best couple: Joshua & Courtney
Worst couple: Mark & Kherington
Best individual dancer: Courtney
Best performance: Will & Katee's Pas de Deux

Updated list of favourites...

red = dislike
blue = like
green = indifferent


Joshua Allen (popper)
Twitch (hip hop)
Mark Kanemura (contemporary)
William Wingfield (contemporary)
Gev Manoukian (breakdancer)


Courtney Galiano (contemporary)
Chelsie Hightower (Latin)
Comfort Fedoke (hip hop)
Katee Shean (contemporary)
Kherington Payne (contemporary)
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