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Really hating SYTYCD right now

Jessica is officially out of the competition. They brought Comfort back to replace her. Forget the lack of epic awesomeness; this season is made of EPIC FAIL. I haven't been this pissed off over a reality TV show ever since Jessi and Jesus were cut last season. Seriously, WTF. It breaks my heart that Jessica got injured, and in a way I'm glad that she won't have to deal with the judges' constant bashing anymore, but WHY COMFORT? Her long overdue elimination last week had me crying tears of joy, and now she's back to torture me some more with her god awful dancing. It's like... waving a Big Mac in front of a starving man's face but not letting him have a single bite. IT'S JUST CRUEL. There's nothing we can do about an injury; I can accept that, even if I hate it. But if you need to replace her, bring back Thayne or something. Fuck the boys/girls rule; let Thayne dance with Mark. That would be a great pairing XD


While I'm on the topic of SYTYCD, here are spoilers for Wednesday.

Lil C is the third judge.

Courtney and Joshua:
1. Hip hop - Dave Scott
2. Rumba - Jean Marc

Mark and Kherington:
1. Two Step (a country/western dance...ahhhhhh!)
2. Jazz

Twitch and Comfort:
1. Waltz
2. Hip hop- Dave Scott- "Forever" by Chris Brown

Will and Katee:
1. Broadway - Tyce DiOrio
2. Pas de Deux - Desmond Richardson (apparently, it's a type of ballet)

Chelsie and Gev:
1. Contemporary - Sonya Tayeh
2. Jive - Jean Marc

Each of the top 10 perform a solo, in their own style

My comments:

1. Wow, they're really going all out with the choreographers this week. Dave Scott, Sonya Tayeh, AND Desmond Richardson -- quite an impressive line-up.

2. Lil' C as a judge? DO NOT WANT. I can take ghetto in the performances, but keep the ghetto off the judging panel (*cough*C&O*cough).

3. Dear LORD, the judges are going to salivate all over themselves at Will and Katee. They're arguably the two most pimped (and undeservedly so most of the time) contestants on this show EVER. AND they got the Desmond Richardson routine. I'm already feeling nauseous just imagining the tongue bath the judges are going to give them.

4. Mark and Kherington? Ew, no, gtfo Kherington :(

5. Poor Twitch. Everyone keeps saying he and Comfort should kill the hip hop, but I doubt it. Comfort just CAN'T FUCKING DANCE WITH ANYONE BUT HERSELF AND SOMETIMES SHE EVEN SUCKS WHEN DOING THAT BECAUSE SHE'S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE ON THIS SHOW. Her krump was mediocre, and THAYNE was better than her in their hip hop last week. I have a feeling people will vote for this week's hip hop routine just because of a) Twitch, 2) Dave Scott, and 3) the music.

6. Since I'm back on the subject of hating Comfort... is it just me, or does she stick out like a sore thumb in this top 10? Twitch, Joshua, Gev, Will, Mark, Chelsie, Kherington, Courtney, Katee... they're all FANTASTIC dancers who've constantly gotten praise from the judges ever week. And then there's Comfort, who hasn't had a single good performance thus far :\

fjdlkfjklejfleaea''fea I want Jessica back :( I was so happy that she made it to the top 10, and now this shit happens. FUCK. I was so looking forward to seeing her dance with someone other than perfect Will. SYTYCD is so cruel.

In other news, I've dropped out of hp_cross_fest :( I feel really bad (I swore I'd never drop out of any fests, because I know how stressful it is for the mods), but I simply don't have the time to adequately write a pairing I'm not 100% comfortable with. When I first signed up, I thought I'd have a fair amount of time to ease myself into this cross-gen stuff and mull over idea. Unfortunately, DP, work, and volunteering are more time-consuming than I anticipated, and the first month back at school is always crazy. Throw my other WiPs in there, and I'm left with zero time to devote to a fic I haven't the slightest idea how to approach (though I did have a few vague ideas). I was going to wait and see if my schedule cleared up a bit towards the end of the summer, but I figured it was only fair to the mods to let them know right away.

It's a shame the dates for this fic are so bad for me, because I was looking forward to trying something new. If everything had been shifted a month or two ahead, I probably would've been able to participate :( Oh well. In any case, I still can't wait for the fest to start posting in October ^_^
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