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johnny weir 2

SYTYCD Top 12 Results

  • 10th Jul, 2008 at 6:52 PM

I'm not a huge fan of Cat's dress -- the lace on the top looks weird, and I'm not sure how I feel about the flower in her hair. She looks great, though.

OMG THEY'RE DANCING TO "CLOSER"! OMG GLOW IN THE DARK OUTFITS! DUDE THIS IS SO COOL! I think that could've been executed better on the dancers' part -- they didn't hit all the beats (and there were so many great opportunities for them to) well enough. Still, I enjoyed it. Oh, NappyTabs <3


Phillip Chbeeb vs. Robert Muraine during the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN!

First two couples: Joshua & Katee, Thayne & Comfort

lol duh, we all knew Thayne & Comfort were in the B3. There's no need to look so surprised, Katee.

Next two couples: Will & Jessica, Mark & Chelsie (TWO FAVOURITE COUPLES <3 Jessica looks STUNNING tonight, omg)

God, Willsica are so cute <33333 Will & Jessica are in the B3 :( HAVE I MENTIONED HOW CUTE THEY ARE TOGETHER?!

Last two couples: Gev & Courtney, Twitch & Kherington

Oh, SNAP, Twitch and Kherington are in the B3. That was deserved, but I can't believe America actually did it! Courtney and Gev are so cute.

Ugh, guest performers. *ignores*

Comfort's solo - 6/10 - Same thing as usual. I didn't like it.

Thayne's solo - 8/10 - It was very pretty. I liked it quite a bit. Sadly, Thayne doesn't stand a chance against Will and Twitch.

Jessica's solo - 7/10 - She didn't do anything particularly special, but I liked it. Much better than her first solo. She was light-footed, at least.

Will's solo - 8/10 - Uh oh. Shirtless!Will's back. That was a great solo, but I didn't like it very much. Idk, I just don't get Will.

Kherington's solo - 10/10 - All the OneRepublic on this show is amazing! Wow, I REALLY liked that. Probably my favourite solo of this season so far.

Twitch - 9/10 - Again, loved it. HE DID A SHIRT RIP! FTW!

Yay, Katy Perry. Whoa, she looks... not like I expected. She's kind of an awkward performer, y/n? And her voice is really different live than it is in the recording. That was a good performance, though. I actually liked it.

Results time! OMG SO NERVOUS.

Kherington's safe. Comfort and Jessica... ah, shit. *scaredscaredscared* YES JESSICA IS SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THANK YOU NIGEL I DON'T CARE IF SHE SUCKS AS LONG AS YOU KEEP HER OMG YES ♥ Duuuuuuuude, I really like the song played in Comfort's good-bye video. Does anyone know what it was?

Duh, Will's safe. Awww, poor Thayne :( I want to hug him. He's still smiling, even though everyone's so happy for Will. Ouch, that was cruel -- two girls and no guys :( I love Thayne, but I'd much rather have Jessica.



_pinkchocolate wrote:
14th Jul, 2008 07:01 (UTC)
Yeah, the Will pimping is a little over the top, but so is the Katua pimping :\ But I agree, I don't see what's so perfect about Will. Yeah, he's a great dancer, but not as great as the judges make him out to be IMO.

Oh, that reminds me, I downloaded her album a while ago but totally forgot to give it a listen. *does that right now*