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SYTYCD Top 12 Performances

I'm really feeling Cat's dress tonight. She looks lovely tonight.

Mark & Chelsie - Salsa - Alex de Silva (8/10)

LOL @ Alex de Silva's glasses. The lift at the end was AWESOME. That performance was an example of Latin ballroom done right. There were no extremely awkward moments or fumbles like I've seen in other ballroom performances this season. It was by no means perfect, but I really enjoyed it. I see what the judges mean about Mark being kind of stuff, but he covered it up well IMO. EWWW @ Nigel perving over Chelsie. Mary is kind of... normal tonight o_O Why's she talking so normally?

Thayne & Comfort - Smooth Hip Hop - NappyTabs <3 (7/10)

Thayne, omfg, STOP FUCKING SMILING. Dude, that was an awesome routine by NappyTabs, but it didn't have the OMG! factor that Katua's and Marksie's had. It wasn't bad, because they danced it well and the choreography was great, but they didn't have that much chemistry. I COMPLETELY agree with everything Mia said -- Comfort disappointed me, and Thayne didn't get down into the performance enough.

Will & Jessica - Contemporary - Tyce Diorio (10/10)

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!! I love Willsica so much <3 God, that was brilliant. Like, genius. There were a few balance adjustments I could've done without, and I'm not sure if I actually enjoyed the performance, because it was a bit too artsy for me. But I can acknowledge it was AMAZING. I loved the smile Jessica gave Will at the end of the performance. Thank God they're finally giving Jessica the credit she deserves. lmfao @ Mia falling asleep to the music. Totally understandable, tbh.

Gev & Courtney - Cha Cha - PASHA + ANYA!!!! OMG PASHA! (9/10)

LOL @ "now give her the message". lmfaooo @ crotch bump. I'm really feeling this music and choreography. Didn't feel like the Cha Cha, though. Their movements were too... idk, small? I REALLY liked that, though. I don't care how they danced it (I agree with the judges that Gev was technically mediocre), because they performed so well and with so much chemistry. Uh, okay, I take back what I said about Mary being normal. Once again, I agree with Mia -- they're by no means the best dancers, but they're the best couple. LOOOOOL @ chest hair. Omg they're so cute together. WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE.

Twitch & Kherington - Krump - Lil' C (8/10)

Ugh. I hate krumping. Twitch and Lil' C look alike, lol. OMG, Twitch was so badass at the beginning. All right, that was actually pretty good. One of the best krumps on the show so far. They were both fantastic, especially Twitch. The only problem is that after Kherington messed up a step, she started losing her energy (which was great during the first half of the performance). I noticed it right away and literally cringed. Like Nigel said, I think I'll just forget the end of the performance. I find it interesting how they cut out parts of the judges' comments so cleanly, because I do remember the spoilers saying that Mia called the routine "retarded" and got in trouble for it.

Joshua & Katee - Viennese Waltz - Jean-Marc Genereux (8/10)

I loooove that song. Maybe the reason why I love Viennese Waltzes is because they always use awesome music. That was GORGEOUS. The only problem is that the actual dancing was horrible. The footwork was bad, even to someone who isn't a ballroom expert, and the close hold (is that what it's called? probably not, lol) was really awkward and not tight enough. Katee shone here; Joshua was mediocre. The performance itself covered up the technical flaws, though. The lifts were also gorgeous. I really liked the concept -- I got chills at the "I'd give up forever to touch you" part. Overall, a good performance. Now I want to write a songfic using this song and concept, lol.

Mark & Chelsie - Broadway - Tyce Diorio (10/10)

LOL @ "That's a warp". OMG I LOVED THAT! SO AWESOME! SOSOSO GREAT OMG I LOVE TYCE THIS WEEK <3 I would've liked Chelsie to get a tad bit more into character, but they were both so FANTASTIC. wtf is Mia complaining about? I honestly don't see how Mark lacked technical skills.

Thayne & Comfort - Contemporary - Mandy Moore (6/10)

That was a really pretty routine, and I loved the choreography. They actually danced it better than I expected. Comfort's feet were pointed most of the time (except when she came out of the lifts, like Mary said), Thayne was strong and there for her... but there was NO CHEMISTRY. I agree with Mia -- I thought Thayne was much better than Comfort.

Will & Jessica - Quickstep - Tony & Meredith (5/10)

Fuck. I don't want to watch this. It's going to be horrible. Omg! Will slapping Jessica's butt in the pre-performance video XD The peck at the end! SO CUTE! That Quickstep was... not quick. And just not really good in general. It looked awkward and stuff, like the Jive. Okay, wow, Mia's comment was so uncalled for. "Tired of carrying her"? Fuck YOU, Mia. I kind of want to cry for Jessica. I'm so glad Will's such a gentleman :) Am definitely throwing all my energy into voting for these two tonight.

Courtney & Gev - Jazz - Mandy Moore (9/10)

This routine reminded me a lot of the battle of the sexes table routine Mandy choreographed for Neil and Sabra last season. They both danced it great, and they're sooo cute together. I really enjoyed it. Gev was fantastic. Disagree with Nigel, agree with Mary.

Twitch & Kherington - Smooth Tango - Tony & Melanie (4/10)

lol wtf is a smooth tango? Aren't all tangos smooth? Loved the lighting and the concept. Not a huge fan of the choreography with the music. Idk, maybe Twitchington just didn't dance it with enough fire, because I didn't feel any passion. Ouch, the judges are BRUTAL tonight. Nigel just jumped right into the criticism. OUCH, Nigel's "You murdered the dance routine" comment was pretty cruel. Mary's right; the reverse turns ruined the flow of the performance.

Joshua & Katee - Bollywood - Nakul & Marla (10/10)

lmfao the hand movements. Sleeping deer... omg o_O Joshua is so CUTE lmfao. Dude, that was AWESOME. I really, really, REALLY liked it. They really got into the style they chose. FANTASTIC. I agree with Mary -- the performance was flawless. Honestly, I hate the tongue bath the judges always give this couple, but they deserve it for this performance.

Tonight was actually a good night. The performances were, for the most part, above average. They must be listening to the online community, because the music choices were much better this week than in previous weeks. Here's to hoping they cut Comfort and not Jessica tomorrow, because I refuse to go see the tour if Jessica's not there.

Updated list of favourites...

red = dislike
blue = like
green = indifferent


Joshua Allen (popper)
Twitch (hip hop)
Thayne Jasperson (contemporary)
Mark Kanemura (contemporary)
William Wingfield (contemporary)
Gev Manoukian (breakdancer)


Courtney Galiano (contemporary)
Chelsie Hightower (Latin)
Comfort Fedoke (hip hop)
Jessica King (contemporary)
Katee Shean (contemporary)
Kherington Payne (contemporary)
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