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SYTYCD4 Top 14 Results

So I didn't get to watch the results show tonight because I went to watch the fireworks with some friends, but I checked spoilers the moment I could, and...

MATT AND KOURTNI ARE GONE!!! At long, long last, the judges have seen light. Based on solos (which I watched on YouTube -- loved Courtney's, Gev's, and Kourtni's; the others were meh), Comfort definitely should've gone home over Kourtni, but can you imagine Kourtni and Thayne paired up? lol. Besides, Kourtni has sucked harder than Comfort in the performances that matter, so I'm not complaining.

Hopefully this means Thayne and Comfort will be gone next week, leaving Jessica in the top 10 ♥ Of course, she'll probably be voted off immediately, but I just want to see her on tour :) I'm a little scared that they'll keep Comfort for the sake of diversity :\ PLEASE, JUDGES, DON'T DO IT.

Oh, and Robert Muraine? AMAZING.

Now here are the fireworks we watched tonight. They were that great -- Wilmette's fireworks always suck; Winnetka's are usually better. I think tomorrow we're going downtown to the Taste to watch the fireworks there, though. Hopefully those will be good.

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