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SYTYCD4 Top 14 Performances

Ew, what the fuck is Cat WEARING? Her hair looks really bizarre.

I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I love these little intro dances ♥

NAPPYTABS AS GUEST JUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333

Ugh, this is going to be a seriously rushed show.

Will & Jessica - Jive - Tony & Meredith (6/10)

Oh dear. That was... oh dear. That was a REALLY rocky performance. Mary is absolutely right. There were a LOT of obvious missed connections, as well as some awkward entries into and exits out of tricks. It was so clear they were trying, but it didn't work for me. Jessica was really heavy-footed, and the dancing just didn't have the energetic bounce a Jive should have (see Melody and Craig's from season 1.

Thayne & Comfort - Broadway - Andy Blankenbuehler (7/10)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ their chemistry moment in the pre-performance. I enjoyed that. I would've liked if Comfort had smiled a little more, but Thayne did a fantastic job. The choreography was a little lame/cliche, though. I didn't feel the passion in the routine or their dancing, either. GOD THEY ARE SO CUTE OMG I LOVE THIS COUPLE.

Matt & Kourtni - Hip Hop - Cicely & Olisa (3/10)

God, why are C & O still HERE? Okay, what the FUCK was that? I don't believe that was hip hop. I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as dancing. The song was all wrong, the beat was way too slow, the dancing was too bouncy/uppity/sluggish/etc. They weren't in step and not on the beat. I didn't believe a single step. I'm sorry, that was total crap. Nigel is right -- it was hip hop on sleeping pills. FAIL. Hit your own groove? There was NO GROOVE AT ALL. Probably the most forgettable routine I've ever seen on this show.

Two favourite couples after the break! *bounces*

Twitch & Kherington - Paso Doble - Tony & Melanie (7/10)

Um... okay. I'm not sure what to think of that. Uh. Isn't the Paso Doble supposed to be a bullfighter and his cape? Is it just me, or did Kherington look like the man in the performance? I didn't really like the routine that much, tbh. I mean, we've got so many great Paso Dobles to compare it to -- remember Travis & Heidi's and Artem & Melissa's? Those were INCREDIBLE Paso Dobles. This one didn't really capture the spirit of a Paso Doble for me.

Mark & Chelsie - Jazz - Mandy Moore (8/10)

I love Mark's hot pink work-out shirt. Was that really jazz? That was... weird choreography. And not really in a good way. I didn't like the choreography very much, but they performed it so fucking well. They have so much chemistry on stage; it's wonderful. LOVED IT. Knocked off two points because I didn't like the routine itself, nothing to do with their dancing.

Joshua & Katee - Contemporary - Mia Michaels (9/10)

All right, that was just too weird for me to comprehend. I think it was supposed to be a Mia piece much like the Kamcey "Dancing" performance last year, but beyond "cool" weird. Assisted run was very great, like Napoleon said. They got the performance down pat, but I'm not sure how I feel about the routine. Geez, the judges are really creaming themselves over these two, aren't they? I don't think we've ever had a more biased season.

Gev & Courtney - Hip Hop - Cicely & Olisa (7/10)

So that was the lamest choreography in the world, but wow, did they get into it. Courtney was FANTASTIC. Great energy, great spirit, but fucking horrible choreography. Seriously, there was almost no partner work. GET CICELY AND OLISA OFF THIS SHOW, DAMMIT.

Will & Jessica - Lyrical Jazz - Mandy Moore (10/10)

I'm excited for this routine. I can't wait to see Jessica do well. HELLO SHIRTLESS WILL! OH MY GOD I FUCKING LOVED THAT OMG. INCREDIBLE. FCKING INCREDIBLE. LOOOOL @ Tabitha and Mary high-fiving over shirtless!Will right across poor Napoleon. Jessica and Will are just TOO cute, both on and off the stage.

Thayne & Comfort - Smooth Waltz - Edward Simon (9/10)

Hella excited for this routine, too. Everyone knows how much I love waltzes XD GOD THAT LIFT WAS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. Very pretty routine, lovely choreography, gorgeous chemistry. I agree with Tabitha that the last moment didn't feel real, but that's it. Comfort is soooo stunning, it blows my mind.

Matt & Kourtni - Mambo - Alex de Silva (4/10)

This is going to be a disaster, I can feel it in my bones. Anything that involves lifting Kourtni is bound to fall flat (literally). Okay, that failed. Those little shakes they did were so lifeless. The whole thing felt lethargic, awkward, and jerky. They did everything they were required to (including the beginning lift), but there was no spark in the performance. LMFAO @ the heels being taller than Alex de Silva.

Mark & Chelsie - Foxtrot - Edward Simon (7/10)

I still can't believe how gorgeous Mark is. Geez, Chelsie's dress is like a huge ball of feathers. That was all right, I guess. I really couldn't see anything with all those feathers in the way. LOL I didn't even notice the feather in Chelsie's mouth. Meh, but I didn't like the routine that much. It didn't work for me -- not because it was danced poorly; it just didn't catch my attention. My favourite foxtrot will always be Jaymz & Jessica's in season 2.

Twitch & Kherington - Contemporary - Mia Michaels (10/10)

OMFG. OMFG. OMFG. OKAY THIS IS THE MIA ROUTINE I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. That was fucking GORGEOUS. Amazing. And I don't mean just shirtless!Twitch. The emotion, the rose petals, the use of the bed... that was a BEAUTIFUL performance. I totally felt the story -- it was so real to me. God, how much energy and passion did it take to dance that? Good job, Twitchington -- you've won back my love.

Joshua & Katee - West Coast Swing - Benji Schwimmer (5/10)

First of all, Katee's outfit is disgusting. Baggy, high-waisted, hot pink pants, and a too-short, hot pink halter top with beads and other shit hanging off of it. Disgusting. I really did not like that routine. It wasn't fun for me at all. The music/choreography was too slow, and they didn't dance it well enough to bring life to it. Nowhere near as good as Pasha & Sara's last season, though. All right, this tongue bath from the judges is a little out of hand. If Matt and Kourtni had danced this same performance, they would've been attacked without mercy.

Gah, I'm losing interest. This show is too long *_*

Gev & Courtney - Broadway - Andy Blankenbuehler (7/10)


OneRepublic and Robert Muraine tomorrow!

Tonight's show was really meh. Only two standout performances were Willsica's and Twitchington's last ones.

Updated list of favourites...

red = dislike
blue = like
green = indifferent


Joshua Allen (popper)
Twitch (hip hop)
Matt Dorame (contemporary)
Thayne Jasperson (contemporary)
Mark Kanemura (contemporary)
William Wingfield (contemporary)
Gev Manoukian (breakdancer)


Courtney Galiano (contemporary)
Chelsie Hightower (Latin)
Comfort Fedoke (hip hop)
Jessica King (contemporary)
Katee Shean (contemporary)
Kherington Payne (contemporary)
Kourtni Lind (contemporary)
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