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Random stuff

  • OMG. I HATE THE DENTIST. I've been terrified of dentists ever since one screwed up a root canal a few summers back. I went this morning to get one of my cavities fixed, and the dentist told me the tooth needed a root canal but she could do a filling and see if it solved the problem. Of course I agreed; I have the lowest pain tolerance level in the world. They had to stop four times during the process of filling the cavity to shoot me up with more novocaine (the worst part of every dentist trip, IMO), until the entire left side of my face was numb. I couldn't even feel my EAR. Unfortunately, I don't think the filling did the job, because my tooth hurts like a motherfucker now. I'm praying it gets better by tomorrow, because I'd rather lose the tooth completely than get another root canal done ;__;
  • I've officially joined DP Scanlations as an editor :) TBH, I only applied because I wanted to help get the Minase Masara works Hochuuami "dropped" (except Hochuuami suddenly released a chapter days after DP announced they were picking up the projects, after sitting on the chapter FOR NEARLY A YEAR) out faster, but I've agreed to edit other stuff, too. My first assignment is a Minami Haruka series, which means lots of sex and, consequently, lots of annoying SFX *facepalm*
  • I got my 30 gb iPod in the mail the other day! :D Yay, finally I can sell my 2nd gen nano. Now I've got to start rebuilding my music collection, which I lost, thanks to my crappy nano.
  • I'm going back and editing SKOM while I wait for Vana to get back to me with chapter 20, 'cause I reread it the other day and wanted to shoot myself. I'll only be making minor grammar/style changes, nothing major, but hopefully they'll make it slightly easier to make it through the first few chapters.
  • Speaking of SKOM, it's now being translated into Italian. I'll post the link to the first chapter once the translator finishes it :)
  • I've been such a bad H/D shipper lately :\ Every time I sit down to read a fic, my attention starts straying. I tried to read On One's Knees yesterday, and even though it's a great fic, I couldn't stay focused. I think part of it is because I've been writing and editing my own stuff so much lately that when I read someone else's writing, all I can think is "gah, why don't my descriptions and dialogue flow as well as this author's?" and "OMG she uses metaphors so well, gotta take note of how she incorporates them into her writing so smoothly." *headdesks* I need to get myself out of this mindset.
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