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SYTYCD Top 20 Performances

Before I get to my review of the show, I've got an announcement: there's AS/S for me over at the_ass_fest! It's a hot, funny, and overall awesome fic. Slytherin!Al and Gryffindor!Scorpius were rivals from birth, and come together after Al accuses Scorpius of cheating during Quidditch. The humourous moments (such as the story about Mundungus getting married to a whore) made the fic for me. I can't pretend I didn't love the angry hate!sex too, though :D

Onto the show (which I'm watching at my friend's apartment, lol). DUDE. Okay, before it starts, let me say that these pairings are seriously whack. It's SO OBVIOUS who TCOs are.

Old school judges tonight! Dan, Mary, and Nigel ♥ I totally agree with Dan -- there aren't any clear-cut favourites this season.

Rayven Armijo & Jamie Bayard, hip hop, Napoleon & Tabitha (6/10)

Okay, that was REALLY cool choreography, but the performance itself didn't gel together. They weren't in step, and something about the performance didn't feel genuine. I agree completely with Dan -- there was no funk, and they didn't switch it up when needed. LOL @ Mary.

Susie Garcia & Marquis Cunningham, smooth waltz, Hunter Johnson (6/10)

This pairing is made of ultimate fail. Susie seriously sucks at life, and Marquis had zero airtime during auditions/Vegas. IMO, their performance sucked. I agree that the routine was tough (god, but it was beautiful), but I think it could have been a showstopper if better dancers had performed it. Susie was so STIFF, and she didn't follow through with her most of her movements. Marquis, however, was wonderful. He has such gorgeous lines, whether it's ballroom or contemporary. I disagree with the judges. I didn't think it was smooth at all. Passi's smooth waltz last year was so much better.

Kourtni Lind & Matt Dorame, jazz, Mandy Moore (8/10)

Oh SNAP, they got a Mandy Moore routine. I really enjoyed that. It wasn't the best of the choreography I've seen from Mandy. I disagree with Nigel -- I thought Matt got into his character enough for me. They have far more chemistry than the two couples before them, IMO. Agree about the heavy landing, btw. Yay! Go Matt and Kourtni!

Chelsea Traille & Thayne Jasperson, Cha Cha, Tony Meredith (9/10)

Dude, Chelsea is so pretty! This pairing reminds me a lot of Benjelle. Thayne even looks like Benji, kind of. That was HOT as hell. Er... I don't remember what else I was going to say, lol. I really like this couple, though.

Chelsie Hightower & Mark Kanemura, contemporary, Mia Michaels (9/10)

Oh SNAP they got a Mia routine. Those two better thank their lucky stars. OH MY GOD IS THAT PASHA I SEE IN THE REHEARSAL VIDEO?! And that performance was exactly what the song said: beautiful. Chelsea was incredible; she totally looked like a contemporary dancer to me. Mark is just as awesome. I love this couple! I don't think they have that much chemistry together, but I see potential in them.

Kherington Payne & Twitch, Broadway, Tyce Diorio (10/10)

LMFAO Twitchington, OMG I love Twitch. Dude, I really, really loved that. Not my favourite couple, but without question my favourite performance of the night so far. They did Broadway so well, and they were together every step of the way. I completely agree with Nigel; they felt EVERYTHING, and it shone through in their performance.

Comfort Fedoke & Chris Jarosz, Jive, Tony Meredith (8/10)

LOVE this couple. Not so sure about the performance. They didn't get as into the dancing as I would've liked. LOL @ "I ain't never danced in no bra and panties and beads!" Again, I agree with everything Nigel said. The style and technique wasn't quite there, but the personality was, and that's all that matters. Agree with Dan, too (when did he become such a good judge?). They have chemistry off-stage, but their on-stage chemistry could use some work.

Katee Shean & Joshua Allen, hip hop, Napoleon & Tabitha (9/10)

GAH. Their rehearsal tape hasn't even aired yet, and I already hate this couple. I guess I just dislike Katee so much that it's spreading to Joshua ;__; I'm so pissed that they got "No Air" and Tabitha & Napoleon. A better couple should've gotten them :( Apparently they did well... *sigh* Well, let's see how I like the performance. *a few minutes later* That was really good, actually. The beginning and ending were so touching. They hit everything together, for which I have to give them props. I STILL HATE KATEE, THOUGH >.> Napoleon & Tabitha are teh awesome.

Jessica King & William Wingfield, Tango, Hunter Johnson (7/10)

Dude, both of them are GORGEOUS. I really like Jessica, I've decided. I always like the Jessi/Jessica every season, lol. OUCH, there were several awkward/wobbly moments during that performance. They had to do a lot of hand/foot adjustments. Still, they looked hella sexy up there, and they have great chemistry. I don't think they were quite the couple to beat, but they're definitely one of my favourite couples.

Courtney Galiano & Gev Manoukian, disco, Doriana Sanchez (7/10)

Okay, before they even start dancing, there's no doubt that they LOOK the best together. WHY IS GEV SO GOOD-LOOKING? He looks kind of like a mix between Dom and Dan, lol. *fans self* Wow, that was hot. The fumble at the end was awkward, but overall I enjoyed the performance. Not a good choice for the pimp spot, though.

Updated list of favourites...

red = dislike
blue = like
green = indifferent


Joshua Allen (popper)
Twitch (hip hop)
Matt Dorame (contemporary)
Thayne Jasperson (contemporary)
Marquis Cunningham (contemporary)
Mark Kanemura (contemporary)
Jamie Bayard (West Coast Swing)
Chris Jarosz (contemporary)
William Wingfield (contemporary)
Gev Manoukian (breakdancer)


Courtney Galiano (contemporary)
Chelsie Hightower (Latin)
Chelsea Traille (contemporary)
Comfort Fedoke (hip hop)
Jessica King (contemporary)
Katee Shean (contemporary)
Kherington Payne (contemporary)
Kourtni Lind (contemporary)
Rayven Armijo (ballet)
Susie Garcia (Latin)

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