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SYTYCD: Vegas/Top 20 Reveals

- Robert Muraine's solo was AMAZING. It broke my heart when he dropped out :(
- Dude, the judges' excitement is making me more excited than I should be.
- The twins ;__; POOR BBS OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE. But I really like Anthony, so I'm glad he at least got to stay.
- OMG! Joshua and Comfort (is that her name? lol) are sooooo cute. I'm crying because they're crying. I think I just fell in love with Joshua.
- I should hate Paige Jones, but I... don't. Not yet, at least. She was so cute doing the foxtrot the first time. *ETA, 2 minutes later* Uh, okay, I so take all of that back. What is this "Jesus Christ has a plan for me" nonsense? I put up with Kristy Lee Cook and Jordin Sparks on AI, but I will not stand for religion on SYTYCD!
- OMFG! TWIST! GROUP DANCES?! OMG I LOVE IT. This whole "one step, two step, three steps back" concept is a really awesome/creative way to do the cuts. I LOVE SYTYCD.
- LOVED group 2's dance (Derek was surprisingly good) but hated group 1's dance (Bianca is so annoying)
- Liz, please stfu. Thank God she got cut. I don't think I can stomach another one of her speeches.
- LOL, Jeramiah is so scary. I seriously O_O'd at that angry little hop he did. You know what I think is great about this show? The judges are actually fair. Like, on AI they always do those stupid little twists where the judges say something but do something else, but on SYTYCD, the judges keep it real. They send the reprimanded contestants home instead of giving them a chance they don't deserve.
- Great montage of their solos! And omg, dramatic walk from the waiting room to the stage, complete with videos of their auditions playing on the wall. This is crazy. All right, here we go... top 20 time.

Okay, what the FUCK, Nigel? In regards to cutting Kelli... this is taking the personality requirement thing WAY too far.

HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME, JUDGES?! NO. NOT GEV AND BRANDON. I LOVE THEM BOTH TOO MUCH. OMG. THIS IS TOO CRUEL ;__; Almost as cruel as putting the two best friends last. I take back what I said about SYTYCD being awesome.

Ugh, I'm pissed. I wanted Natalie. Looks like I've found my pre-finals least favourite of the top 20 in Katee.

Kelli, Cooper, Anthony, Evan, Markus, Asuka, and Brandon all didn't make it :( So much for the best top 20 ever. This top 20 kind of sucks.

TOP 20

red = dislike
blue = like
green = either indifferent or don't know enough about them to make a judgment yet


Joshua Allen (popper)
Twitch (hip hop)
Matt Dorame (contemporary)
Thayne Jasperson (contemporary)
Marquis Cunningham (contemporary)
Mark Kanemura (contemporary)
Jamie Bayard (West Coast Swing)
Chris Jarosz (contemporary)
William Wingfield (contemporary)
Gev Manoukian (breakdancer)


Courtney Galiano (contemporary)
Chelsie Hightower (Latin)
Chelsea Traille (contemporary)
Comfort Fedoke (hip hop)
Jessica King (contemporary)
Katee Shean (contemporary)
Kherington Payne (contemporary)
Kourtni Lind (contemporary)
Rayven Armijo (ballet)
Susie Garcia (Latin)

Wow. Lots of contemporary dancers this year. I'm thrilled, because I love contemporary, but I'm surprised there are only a handful of hip hop dancers and three ballroom dancers this year. No more sexy Russian men ;__; FTF, SYTYCD.

You can find out more info about and see a picture of the top 20 here at Just Jared.

P.S. I figured out what's wrong with the computer. It's the trojan Vundo.
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