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More art

As promised, the coloured versions of the sketches I posted yesterday. I feel so guilty about wasting my day doing these instead of working on SKOM :(


It was my first time using Photoshop CS3 (I've had it for a while, but never needed to use it). I still kind of prefer my old school, trial-version-that-I-tricked-into-becoming-permanent PSP8. Shading's a hell of a lot easier in PS, though.

Dude, Harry's hair in the first one was a freaking nightmare to do. *stabs it repeatedly* I tried about ten thousand different backgrounds for the second one, got fed up when none of them worked, and ended up just bullshitting it. Also... I know that Draco and Harry look like Remus and Sirius in the second one, but just use your imagination and pretend that they're who they're supposed to be >.> The random blobs of colour in both = where my sketches trailed off, lol.

And a shameless ldws pimp that I forgot to add into my post yesterday: go check out the challenge 5 entries because omg, they're awesome. These writers make me jealous. I would totally get eliminated in the first few weeks if I was participating in this competition *_*
Tags: art, harry/draco
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