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H/D sketches

I've discovered the joys of drawing (or, more accurately, copying manga art and making it look like Harry and Draco). Thus, I present to you, two H/D sketches which I will eventually colour.


Used this (from Konna Otoko wa Aisareru by Honjou Rie) and this (from Yellow by Tateno Makoto) as references.

First one: Okay, I FREAKING HATE HANDS. Draco's left hand took forever, because I had to use my own as a reference. He's holding a Snitch, if it isn't clear. I switched the expressions on the original picture because Draco smiling just didn't seem right. I imagine he's pretending to be pissed that Harry's touching him even though he secretly likes it XD And OMG, the house badges on their robes were so much fun to draw. Harry's chin is kind of weak... I'll fix it eventually.

Second one: This one took a shorter time than the first one, but ugh, I couldn't get the proportions right. I was trying out a different expression for Draco in the top right hand corner, but it didn't really turn out the way I imagined it.

Tags: art, harry/draco

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