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My prediction: Cook wins, due to the bashing of Cook last night, his ginormous fanbase, and DI's prediction.

THIS IS IT, FRIENDS. Last AI show I'm going to blog for the year :( I may or may not blog the SYTYCD shows. I love SYTYCD (perhaps more than AI), but I don't want to spam the 99% of my f-list that could care less.

While I'm waiting... let's go over the highlights of tonight's show. Hearing Jason and Brooke sing again? No thanks. OneRepublic singing "Apologize"? YES. Seeing the SYTYCD contestants again? FUCK YEAH. The top 6 boys singing together? YAYYYYY. Cook and Archie singing a duet? OMFG YES YES YES BRING IT ON.

Um... awkward opening. Why are they staring at each other? The opening of last night's show was way better, sry.

I kind of prefer the Kodak over the Nokia. I hope they move it back next season.

Vote total! What is it? HOLY SHIT, 97.5 MILLION? That's fucking INCREDIBLE. Congratulations, AI :D The vote wasn't as close as I thought it would be, though. I thought there'd be another Clay/Aiken, but 56/44 is a biiiig vote gap.

LOL @ Mikalah and Matt still doing the hometown things. Ew, a screenful of blonde teenage girls. Please. This is ridiculous.

YAY group performance with the SYTYCD contestants and top 12! This is awesome. They all look hot. OMG Syesha is gorgeous. I would turn bi for her. LOL @ the cheesy end poses. Okay, that wasn't as great as the IGB "Don't Stop the Music" performance, but it was still good :) I wish there'd been more dancing from the SYTYCD contestants, though :(

DUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!! This is so hot. They both sound amazing singing this song. It's kind of an awkward duet though, lmfao. They can't do the lovey dovey het stuff that AI finales usually have. DUDE. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. OMG. I LOVE THEM BOTH.

Is it just me, or are all these clips of just the two Davids REALLY awkward? Like, them watching a movie together in an empty theatre? Awkies. LOL "Weird... random... sitar videos." OMG the Davids' expressions when they're meeting with the Guru Pitka. LOL OMG THE SHAVING CREAM. LOL. OMG. I'm sorry, I don't know why I find this so amusing. I can't stop laughing. LOL Ryan on the moving seat cushion.

Syesha and Seal, "Waiting for You" - YAYYYY, that was so great. Syesha sounded amazing and SEAL! Yay! I'm glad she got an awesome guest performer.

Jason, "Hallelujah" - Aww, I'd forgotten how cute Jason is. I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't (and still doesn't) like this performance. Time for a food break.

YAY another Ford commercial with all the contestants :D

lol here's the usual car giveaway. I can't believe they're still surprised. For some reason I find the idea of giving Archie a car really amusing.

And the top 6 girls' performance. Ramiele is so cute! I'm such a sucker for colour coordinated outfits. MORE SYTYCD DANCERS! YAY B-BOYS (and Sara)! Whoa, Donna Summers. Dude, they keep bringing out more surprises. I can't keep up with all of this! What is Ryan DOING? He's such a dork. Syesha singing "Last Dance" with Donna Summer was incredible! Syesha is so amazing! This is such a great girls' group performance. I have to say I'm impressed. Usually the girls suck.

Carly and Michael, "The Letter" - Oh, of course they'd put Carly and Michael together for a duet. I guess this will placate their fans. They're so cute together :) They sound fantastic, too. Perfect song for them to sing together.

Um... let's not talk about Simon's nipples. Awww, Sanjaya's there! Hi bb ♥ Okay, I'm not going to sum up what Jimmy said because there were too many awesome jokes in it. The montage of Simon's insults was LOL.

YESSSSSSSSS TOP 6 GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is David Hernandez so hot?! *dies* I love, love, LOVE "Summer of '69". Awwww @ the Davids walking down. This is so cute. OMG THEY'RE SINGING "HEAVEN" TO EACH OTHER TOGETHER! (Mental note to self: no shipping David/David!) Wow, Bryan Adams? lol the sad thing is that I didn't predict he would come out, even though they sang two of his songs. Boo, why was that so short? The girls' was longer :(

Seriously? There's going to be an American Idol theme park?

David Cook and ??, "Sharp Dressed Man" - What the FUCK. Who are these people? They're creeping me out. I thought Cook was going to sing "Always Be My Baby" with Mariah Carey :( Not gonna lie -- I'm really disappointed. But, um, COOK IS SO HOT. And weird Amish guys aside, I really enjoyed that performance.

Brooke White and ??, "Teach Your Children" - I don't know who this guy is either, and I don't really care enough to find out. Time for a bathroom break.

Oh geez, it's the Jonas Brothers. I still can't tell Joe and Kevin apart. Is that Joe playing the tambourine? Why is he playing a tambourine? No, wait, why is he wearing such tight pants? ;__; This is weird. I really don't understand their appeal. IMO, their only good song is "When You Look Me in the Eyes".

Ugh, why must they do the bad auditions tape? Actually, that wasn't too bad. It was pretty amusing.

I knew they were going to bring Renaldo Lapuz back, lol. Why is it always an Asian guy who's the bad singer of the season? OMFG THEY BROUGHT THE SPIRIT OF TROY IN! AND THE SONG GIRLS! OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS? YESSSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE MY SCHOOL. HOLY CRAP. USC ON THE AI STAGE. LOL OMG OMG OMG poor Renaldo Lapuz is getting so overwhelmed. He's forgetting his lyrics. I'm so glad my school took advantage of the finale being so close. Hopefully this means application rates will go up next year, lmao.

Archie and OneRepublic, "Apologize" - Yayyyy OneRepublic! GAWD, this finale just keeps getting better. OMFG WHAT IT'S ARCHIE?! OMG THIS IS SO GOOD I'M SORRY FOR ALL THE CAPS BUT I'M SQUEEING LIKE A FUCKING MANIAC. Holy crap, Archie sounds so great singing this song. I totally knew it was for him, not Cook. Okay, this pretty much seals the deal: they want Archie to win. Just compare their celebrity duets: Archie got an amazing, current song with a well-known group, whereas Cook got a song I don't know (though I'm sure it's well-known; I'm just not familiar with that genre of music) with a bunch of weird men.

I thought Jordin wasn't allowed to sing because of the hemorrhage in her vocal cords? Well, in any case, she looks stunning. Not a huge fan of the dress, and she didn't sing that well, but whatever. This gives me time to recover from the awesomeness of OneRepublic + Archie. Awww, Blake in the audience singing along is too cute :)

LOL @ the video of Gladys Knight & the Pips. Ben Stiller is totally AI's slave. Jack Black is too funny.

(Random side note: FUCK, HOW DID I MISS THE GUITAR HERO COMMERCIAL WITH COOK IN HIS UNDERWEAR? Fuck that shit. It'll be on YouTube in a few minutes. *sulks*)

wtf is Carrie Underwood wearing? o_O Flawless performance, as usual. Carrie is the best AI winner so far, IMO.

OKAY I MIGHT'VE MISSED THE COOK COMMERCIAL BUT OMG I CAUGHT THE ARCHIE ONE AND LLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I feel like a pervert for saying this, but that was kind of hot. Um... yeah, I'll stop here before I say something really wrong.

Yay, another top 12 performance! Girls singing "Faith", boys singing "Father Figure", all of them singing "Freedom". Geez, there's a lot of colour coordinating going on. Ahhh, the transition between the girls and the guys was so sexy. The boys all in suits and singing "Father Figure"... *drools*. I'm really glad they're doing well-known songs for the medleys this year. And of course, here comes George Michael. Wow, they're really trying hard to make up for the crappiness of the group performances this season. Awww, Paula's crying ;__;

Holy shit, the results. *goes back to hyperventilating* THIS FINALE WENT BY TOO QUICKLY. Awww, that's nice of Simon to apologise to Cook. I totally agree with Simon -- I don't care who wins; both of them are fantastic. I CAN'T TAKE THIS. JUST SAY THE FREAKING RESULTS ALREADY.

And the winner of AI7 by 12 million votes is...........



Omg, and now he's crying. He's so precious. (lol my theory is that he's crying because he wanted to lose.) That was a very sweet speech.

Wow. I can't believe this. Who would've ever thought Cook would win at the beginning of this season? Simon didn't even want to put him through. We all expected Archie to win. But nope, Cook came up from behind and stole the viewers' voting fingers. FIRST TIME A ROCKER HAS EVER WON, BBS.

This is so touching. I'm crying, lmao. I'm surprised that he's singing "Time of My Life". I mean, I really like this song, but I thought the songs they chose last night were their coronation songs?

GAH, this is too amazing ;__; Him hugging Archie. The contestants coming up behind the judges with him. THIS IS WHY I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL. I have to say, that was the most collected coronation song performance ever.

Poor Archie :( I kind of wanted him to win. He's totally going to be forgotten now... poor bb. I really, really hope he proves me wrong and ends up succeeding in the industry. He deserves it.

Well... that's it for this year. What an incredible season. I'm a little disappointed with the results, but not to the point where I'm upset, because I love both Davids. American Idol 7 DEFINITELY improved near the end of the competition. I can't believe it's the sixth straight year I've watched an entire season of AI. I've grown up with this show, with Ryan, Randy, Paula, and Simon. Um... I don't know what else to say.

Congratulations on your win, David :)
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