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AI7 Top 3 Results

It turned out that housing kicked me out this afternoon... and my flight back to Chicago is tomorrow at 5 pm. I panicked, begged LA people I knew to let me stay with them, and then finally resigned myself to the sad fact that I would have nowhere to sleep tonight. Then, luckily, my roommate's friend offered her (on-campus!!!) apartment to stay at, since she had applied for an extension but was going to stay the night at my roommate's home. And that's the end of my pointless story.

On to the results.

"An impossible dream"? Um, no, Ryan, last time I checked, six people have already achieved that dream.

Dude, 56 million votes? Didn't last year's finale only have around 60 million? This is awesome, I'm glad the vote count is so high this year.

Hay there, past contestants and ALW! What is WITH the crowd this week? Tonight's is even louder than last night's. I can't believe there's only one week left :( Where did this season go? It seriously flew by.

Ugh, great, Fantasia. *makes mental note to fast forward through that part*

lol, Ryan, don't you mean "the trio plus the background singers"? Because seriously, the bg singers are overpowering the contestants. This choreography is SO. DAMN. AWKWARD. Please make it stop. Cook looks like he's rather be anywhere but on that stage. What the HELL was that? These group performances continue to sink to new levels of crappiness every week.

Aww, that was a cute Ford music video. Syesha is so gorgeous. Archie is so adorable. Cook is so unbelievably HOT.

Oh. My. God. Can someone please kill those girls in the mosh pit?

Dear LORD, poor Archie. Watching his coming home video gave me a headache. All those screaming girls grabbing at him... ugh. AWWW HE CRIED! OMG. *melts into a puddle of goo* I want to hug him and hold him and protect him from everything bad in this world. jfkdljf;lae I didn't know it was possible for a 17 year old boy to be this cute. *wibbles like an idiot* lol @ the well-timed "imagine all the people". Whoa, Archie's mum looks so young o_O She's so pretty. I thought she was his sister or something. Eww, get his horrible father away from the camera. "It's a little embarrassing, they showed a lot of me crying, gosh" LOL HE'S SO CUTE, did I mention how much I adore him every time he says "gosh"? I'm sorry, I'm pulling a Stephenie Meyer with all this redundancy, but I can't help it. Archie makes me incoherent.

Syesha's reaction to the helicopter ride made me lol. She's so awesome. I feel like she was being her natural self when she was at home, but now when she comes on the AI stage, she's sort of... idk, subdued. She probably knows her time is up :( Awwwwww, I totally started crying when she was crying in the limo :( GEEZ, these going home videos always kill me.

It's so interesting to see the kinds of fans that turn up for each contestant's hometown visits. Archie had all teenage girls, Syesha had a good mix of everyone, and Cook has mostly middle-aged women. WHAT. WHY DID COOK SING "LIVIN' ON A PRAYER" FOR THEM? Ugh, I want him to sing that song on TV, damnit. lmfao @ the girl who was sobbing while Cook signed her poster. That is one LUCKY music teacher. I have to say, Cook's tears hit me the hardest. GAH, this guy kills me in the best possible way. This video of his journey has reminded me how sleazy Cook used to look, with his little goatee and his dyed hair. SO thankful for the stylists. Is it just me, or was Cook's video more of a celebration video for the winner than a good-bye video like Syesha's?

*pausing the video right after the dimming of the lights because OMG CAN'T BREATHE I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M NERVOUS maybe I want a David-David finale more than I originally thought ahhhh*


Aww, look at Archie singing along with Syesha! lol that was a really anticlimactic results show, but who gives? I'm so ridiculously happy with these results. This is going to be the best finale EVER. First all male finale since season 2! Hell yeah, I'm so excited.

Ugh, I'm pissed that Archie recorded "Longer". WHY?! He should've recorded "With You", goddamnit. My guess is that because it's a current song that's still on the charts, the people associated with Chris Brown didn't want there to be any competition, so they didn't let AI release it as a single.
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