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johnny weir 2

AI7 Top 3 Performances

  • 13th May, 2008 at 5:43 PM
Wow, loud crowd tonight. Okay, let's get this show on the road! I'm SO excited to hear Archie sing "With You".

Archie 1 - "And So It Goes" - 9/10 - I'll admit that when I first heard Paula had chose this song for Archie, I was really apprehensive. I mean, come on, it's a freaking boring ballad. Archie's already had enough of those. However, I think Archie did a great job with it. I love that he chose to sing the first verse a cappella... it really showed off his vocals. Too bad the poor kid got the kiss of death from Simon :( We all know lukewarm comments are the worst.

Syesha 1 - "If I Ain't Got You" - 6/10 - UGH, did not like it. I was so pissed when I heard about this choice. I mean, Syesha did okay with it on The One, but I really, really did not like this performance. It was forgettable, the pacing was too fast, and it won't do her ANY favours. People will compare it to the original. Hers was nothing special. I mean, she sang it well, but it wasn't the standout performance she needs. Also, wtf, I don't think she looks that great tonight. The dress she's wearing is quite unattractive. She has a GORGEOUS side profile, though.

Cook 1 - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" - 9/10 - LOVED it. Wow, that was awesome. Seriously, Simon really knows what he's doing, because no one would've expected that this song would be good for Cook. Unlike the judges, I don't like this song -- I don't like the original, or all the covers that have been done. It's one of my least favourite tracks on Leona Lewis's CD, but dude, Cook changed my mind. The big note at the end blew me away.

ROUND 1: Cook

Archie 2 - "With You" - 8/10 - YES, I've been waiting for this ALL FREAKING DAY. This is seriously one of my favourite songs EVER, and I pretty much died when I found out Archie was singing it. haha he's so CUTE. NO! MESSED UP LYRICS! Um, so far he sounds pretty awkward singing it. (*is pausing the video every few seconds to comment on the performance lol*) I feel like he falters in a lot of places, including the end, which didn't sound right to me. HOWEVER! FAVOURITE SONG! LOL, "I understand, I'm a white guy"... oh, Archie, why are you so adorable. But seriously, I agree with Randy; I don't think this kind of music is right for Archie. It just didn't fit him like ballads do. TOTALLY agree with Simon's comment about the chihuahua trying to be a tiger, lol.

(random side note in between Archie's performance and Syesha's performance: DUDE RYAN CALLED SIMON HIS BOO!)

Syesha 2 - "Fever" - 7/10 - Oh, shiet, Syesha's going all out. She brought out The Chair. Let's see how this goes. Okay, I didn't like that performance either. It was better than the first for me, and I think she sang it really well (I loved the ending), but Paula and Simon are right: she made a bad choice, and it didn't showcase her as the kind of artist she'll be if she wins.

Cook 2 - "Dare You to Move" - 6/10 - Ouch. That was pretty... bad. Um, dude, he was flat on about half of the notes, and the first verse was a MESS. It picked up a little near the end, but not very much. And I agree with Paula; I feel like the song cut off too early.

ROUND 2: Archie

Archie 3 - "Longer" - 7/10 - I still can't believe the producers chose this song for him. Don't they want him in the finale? Maybe they think this will appeal to the mothers voting for him? idk, this is the cheesiest crap song EVER. Nevertheless, Archie's vocals were impeccable (as always). I'm sorry, I just had to dock points for how boring and horrible the song is.

Syesha 3 - "Hit Me Up" - 7/10 - Again, a CRAPTASTIC choice by the producers. For those of you who don't recognise this song, it's from the movie Happy Feet, and it's one of the lamest songs in the world. Syesha is HOT, but she didn't look like she was really into the song (and who can blame her?). The performance was lackluster. Her vocals, however, were pretty awesome. I agree with Simon -- tonight was the night for Syesha to have her Moment, but the choices she ended up with didn't allow her to have that. UGH, I'm so upset. SHE HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

Cook 3 - "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" - 9/10 - Okay, let me just say right now that I'm SO disappointed. Why? Because that performance was set out to be GREAT. It had the circle of violinists, the very climactic arrangement, the flashing strobe lights... all of it combined could have given Cook his Moment (the first Moment of the season, in fact), but unfortunately, Cook's vocals didn't hold up. I was literally holding my breath through the whole song, because I knew it would be another classic Cook song with the big build-up, but I felt kind of let down by the end of it. Um, people, SIT DOWN, FOR CHRISSAKE. They're just trying to artificially create a Moment -_- I'm not buying it.

ROUND 3: Cook

(random side note while watching the dress rehearsal clips at the end of the show: DUDE, the clip of Archie's "With You" was so good. WHY DIDN'T HE SING THAT WELL DURING THE LIVE SHOW?? AND WHY IS HE SO. DAMN. ADORABLE? When he sang the "girl" part and smiled down at the mosh pit, I pretty much died. Actually, on second thought, all of the dress rehearsal clips are MUCH better. Cook sounds great in his "Dare You to Move" and "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Did he overwork his voice before the live show?)

Meh, I don't really feel like summing up my feelings on the contestants. All I'll say is that Cook is absolutely in the finale, and Archie is almost guaranteed to be in there with him, just because he sang "With You". That was a really anticlimactic top 3 show. Usually this is the night when we get out Moments, but nope, there were none tonight. DAMNIT. Best top 3, most disappointing top 3 night :(