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AI7 Top 4 Results

*takes deep breath*

Okay, here we go. I'm currently feeling neutral. By the end of this post, I'm either going to be livid or ecstatic.

Dude! Syesha's hair is so pretty.

Wow. 51 million votes? I'm so impressed (and proud to have contributed to that total XD). The top 3 were within one million votes of each other? OMG. I'm daring to hope right now, because there's no way Jason could be that close to the top two after last night's trainwreck. This reminds me of top 3 night during AI5 when Elliott was SO DAMN CLOSE to beating Kat.

Yay, Syesha's moment of recognition! I'm kind of disappointed in the quality of the "moment"s this season. I mean, come on. Where are the "Summertime"s and "In a Dream"s? The "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"s and "All By Myself"s? The "Hemorrhage"s and "Alone"s? They say this season has the most talent yet, but the closest "moment"s we've had so far are Cook's "Always Be My Baby" (which had painful vocals) and, according to Paula, Syesha's "A Change Is Gonna Come", which a large portion of the viewers didn't like. And for god's sake, Simon, stop lying. You were truly and utterly PISSED OFF last night.

Group song: umm... why do their voices together sound so feminine? There's only one girl there :\ The choreography is SO bad, omg, make it stop. lol Syesha obviously doesn't know her steps too well. The guitar solo was kinda cool, I guess. I really wish they'd sung a medley this week, even though this season's medleys have sucked so far. Remember the AI5 top 4 Elvis medley? THAT is the kind of group performance I want to see.

Okay, I can't get over how adorable leather!jacket!Archie is. "Yeah, I'd love to be the next American Idol"... oh, bb, stop being so humble, you know that spot in the finale is yours. DUDE, the stupid fangirls in the audience need to stfu. It's fine if they cheer when one of the Davids steps on stage, but screaming after every sentence he says? ENOUGH, ALREADY.

wtf @ the broadcast mistake. The audio tonight sorta sucks, too. Geez, what is up with AI this week? Their tech crew is seriously malfunctioning in every possible way.

LOLOL @ THE GIRL WHO KISSED JASON. AI fangirls are so ridiculous. Then again, I'd probably do much worse to Cook if I ever saw him in person. Awwww, the contestants are all so adorable. I'm glad they showed that tape.

Okay, two Davids in the top 3, that's to be expected. I'm really nervous that Syesha's gonna leave. I feel like they're building up too much towards the elimination, and if it was Jason leaving, they wouldn't make such a big deal out of it.

Uh, WHOA. Is that Cook in skin-tight pants I see? *rewinds and watches Ford music video over again* Oh, AI. You know just what to do to regain my interest.

First question: all right, Emily, 24, from Pennsylvania needs to back the fuck away from Cook. He's mine, betch. Second question: wtf does Jason mean about his brain being dead? Dead from drugs? Is he high right now? Third question: LMFAO. Fourth question: poor Syesha, surrounded by three attractive men wearing tight pants. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that might get. Fifth question: meh. Sixth question: lmfao, is this woman for real? Was she hired by AI to promote Simon or something? She sounds like one of those people who does voice overs for infomercials. It's kind of creepy.

What the FUCK is with the sound this week? The Maroon 5 performance sounds so odd without a loud backing track. I wish Rihanna could have joined them :( I like the duet version of this song better. Still, Adam Levine is HOT. And funny. And an awesome singer. He basically kicks ass.

Hey, look, Bo Bice is still alive! His voice sounds weird. I don't remember it sounding like this.

OH MY GOD SYESHA IS IN THE TOP 3 HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST TOP THREE EVER. OMG. For the first time in seven seasons, I don't dislike the majority of the top 3. Hell, I don't dislike anyone in the top 3. Whatever happens from hereon out, I won't have a single complaint, because this is the best thing that's ever happened to AI. I LOVE YOU, AI7 ♥

Awww, watching Jason's farewell video makes me remember why I used to love him so much. He has an awesome personality. Too bad he sucked more than he didn't. And speaking of him sucking... please, please, PLEASE not this song again. This is horrible. I can't watch.

Well. That was a satisfying results show. I can't wait for next week. I always love watching the going home tapes, plus THREE songs from each of the contestants, which means nine wonderful performances for me to enjoy. I wonder which judge is going to pick for whom? I'm guessing it'll be Randy-Syesha, Paula-Cook, Simon-Archie. As for repeat performances, I predict Syesha will choose "I Will Always Love You", Cook will choose "Always Be My Baby", and Archie will choose "Angels". These are totally random guesses, though. All three of them have a number of good performances to choose from.

Any way you look at it, the finale is going to be AMAZING. I'd rank the possible finale combinations as:

1. Cook/Archie
2. Cook/Syesha
3. Syesha/Archie

I prefer Syesha over Archie, but I'm supporting the David-David finale just because of the names. I also want to hear them sing a duet together ♥

Also, why do they always choose the shitty songs to record in the studio? The two Davids should've recorded "Baba O'Riley" and "Stand By Me", not the other two.

Ugh, now I need to get back to doing work. Writing my fest fic, working on my research paper, packing... man, cleaning up everything in my room is going to be such a bitch.
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