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AI7 Top 4 Performances

Ah, top 4 week. This is always a dramatic week on AI. Season 1 we lost Tamyra Gray, season 3 we lost LaToya London, and season 5 we lost Chris Daughtry. If you can't tell, there seems to be a pattern of the REALLY REALLY GREAT vocalists going home in a shocker elimination every odd AI season. Um... yeah, that doesn't bode too well for this week.

Cook 1 - "Hungry Like the Wolf" - 7/10 - Eh, it could have been better. His vocals were good, but something was lacking from the performance. I agree with Simon that it felt sort of copycat. This is what happens when you make drastic changes to your songs every week -- you raise people's expectations. By the way, this is when I noticed how weird the sound was. I think part of the reason why Cook's performance left no impact was because his voice was totally overpowering the band, so it didn't feel very rock-ish. The sound in his clip at the end of the show from dress rehearsal was normal, though, which means it must've been something related to the live show.

Syesha 1 - "Proud Mary" - 8/10 - I LOVE HER. She's so adorable. I was giggling throughout her performance because her dancing was so cute. I'll address the judges' comments later, but for the moment, I'll just say that I completely agree with Randy and Paula. As for the performance itself, I didn't think Syesha's vocals were spectacular. The build-up in the song felt forced (I think it might be due to problems with sound again), and I didn't feel very satisfied at the end. Vocally, Danny's version of the song >>> Syesha's. However, the dancing was freaking awesome :D Overall, I enjoyed the performance.

Jason 1 - "I Shot the Sheriff" - 0/10 - Jason, stop being so cute in your pre-performance video clips ;_; YOU'RE MAKING IT HARD FOR ME TO HATE YOU. Well, no, I lied. The moment he started singing, I remembered why I wanted him to leave so badly. Sorry, but that performance was a LOL WUT moment for me. He should never, EVER try so hard to perform to the audience again. His movements and facial expressions were so awkward... it was almost like that horrible "Here Comes the Sun" performance of Brooke's all over again. His singing was all over the place, and the arrangement of the song was messy and weird. But wow, as much as the performance sucked, I think Simon was a little harsh. "Atrocious" is acceptable, but "first round audition massacre" was kind of unnecessary. I have to commend Jason for not crumbling under Simon's death glare, because I probably would've run off the stage crying. Okay, I can't help feeling bad for Jason :( I'm glad Paula's there, because Simon's being a real asshole tonight.

Archie 1 - "Stand By Me" - 10/10 - DAVID ARCHULETA WINS AT LIFE. HOLY SHIT. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE. *is incoherent with love for him* The insertion of the line from "Beautiful Girls" made me so happy, because my favourite a capella group on campus sings a medley of the two songs at every one of their concerts, and I've always wanted to hear someone else sing it. Yay for the return of the Archie I love! STFU, Simon (though lol @ the dig @ Jason's performance). I don't care if Archie struggled; it came across as flawless to me. And lol, "their faces scare me"... HE'S SO CUTE.

Cook 2 - "Baba O'Riley" - 9/10 - Here's the classic Cook performance I was waiting for: slow beginning, build up, powerful ending. This was good, but I don't think it was as memorable as some of his other ones with the same arrangement ("All I Really Need is You", "Always Be My Baby", etc.). I feel like it ended too soon, but maybe it's just because I'm not really familiar with the song.

Syesha 2 - "A Change is Gonna Come" - 10/10 - I'm not gonna lie: I cried during her pre-performance clip, I cried during the actual performance, and I cried when the judges were talking. I can't even put my love for Syesha into words right now. This is probably going to go down as one of my favourite AI moments of all time. It was so emotional, and Paula hit the nail on the head, and I actually liked Simon for the first time all season, and I laughed so hard when Randy wouldn't stfu and Simon and Ryan were reprimanding him. I thought this performance was AMAZING. Syesha has one of those voices that ALWAYS sends chills down my spine and gives me goosebumps, and tonight was no exception. I don't think this performance was a *moment* of Bo's "In a Dream" or Katharine's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" calibre, but I do think it was better than Anwar's performance (which is the one I usually remember when I think of this song). GO SYESHA. Oh, and one final thing -- she looked GORGEOUS during this performance.

Jason 2 - "Mr. Tambourine Man" - 2/10 - Wait... did Jason forget his lyrics?! *runs to Google the song* OMG HE DID FORGET THE LYRICS LOL. Oh, Jason. That was the ultimate fail. Like Randy said, he really wasn't in the zone at all tonight. He wasn't even within a thousand mile radius of the zone. Like the judges, I don't really have anything else left to say.

Archie 2 - "Love Me Tender" - 10/10 - Very solid performance from Archie. The close-up on his face at the end was kind of awkward, especially because I was distracted by his closed eyes, lol. It was sweet and genuine, though, and his vocals were spot-on, as always.

My overall rankings of the contestants tonight...

1. Archie - No doubt about it: Archie wins the night by a mile. He crushed his competition, like Simon said. Not much else to say about him. I'm proud of him :)

2. Syesha - Like I said, I completely agree with Randy and Paula. She's grown SO much over the course of the competition. She doesn't come across as fake anymore, and her stage presence is much, much better. I would've preferred if she had peaked two or three weeks earlier, but this is better than Archie, who peaked waaaaay too early. I think she actually has a chance of making it to next week now, especially if Jason's safety last week lulled his fangirls into complacency. However, there's always a chance that she'll go, especially considering what I mentioned about top 4 nights at the beginning of this post. Also, I forgot to add that Lakisha Jones went home last season, so that's three good black divas placing fourth out of six seasons. The odds are stacked against Syesha, but I'm still going to vote the entire two hours :D Thank goodness I still have over a thousand texts left for this month.

3. Cook - Cook better watch out. Daughtry had a mediocre performance of "A Little Less Conversation" on top 4 night, and just like that, he was out. Daughtry is living proof that no matter how awesome you are throughout the competition, one slightly off night can do you in. I'm actually worried for Cook tonight. Neither of his performances were very memorable, especially compared to Syesha, Archie, and Jason, all of whom received notable responses from the judges. Also, Cook went first, which we all know is the death spot.

4. Jason - So... I really think there might be a chance of Jason staying this week. I mentioned in my comments on Syesha that his fans might be complacent this week, but he was torn apart by the judges tonight (even Paula didn't have entirely positive things to say to him), so people might try hard to save him. PLEASE, PEOPLE, DON'T TRY TO SAVE JASON. If you could see me, I'd be on my knees begging his fans. Don't make the mistake of letting another talented contestant slip through the cracks just because Jason is cute.

I'm feeling so emotional right now, lol. Tonight was a really intense performance night, and I keep thinking about all the shockers that have taken place on top 4 night in the past. I'm so scared that it's going to happen again :( NO MORE PATTERNS, PLEASE.

P.S. How fitting is my mood icon? It's Chris Richardson from last season awaiting the results.

FINAL VOTE COUNT: 530 texts + 160 calls for Syesha; 60 texts for Cook (I know, I know, I've committed the sin of vote splitting, but I'm sorry, I can't just not vote for Cookie)
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