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johnny weir 2

AI7 Top 6 Results

  • 23rd Apr, 2008 at 6:54 PM

LOL @ THE VERY BLATANT RYMON. Can't those two wait until the next commercial break?

OMGGGGGGGGG ANOTHER PHANTOM SONG!!!! Finally I'll get to hear the song Carly should've sung. Aw, they're doing boys/girls... I was hoping they'd pull two out to do a cute duet. COOKIE ♥ I want him to sing this song to me. UGH WHY DID THEY USE SUCH A SHORT ARRANGEMENT. I want them to sing more :( That was so good. This is the first time I'll be downloading a group performance this season.

Dude. ALW is pretty awesome for a creepy old British guy.

Whoa, scary comic book idols! That was a pretty cool Ford commercial. Hee, Cook and Brooke as the parents and Archie as the kid. "Tainted Love" will remind me of Danny for the rest of my life :(

Ugh, Bush. Get him off my laptop screen. please.

THE DAVIDS! OMG. OMG. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THEM. LOOK, THEY'RE BEING ALL CUTE AND OMG I LOVE THEM ♥ I'm glad they're close, because the final two contestants have to spend a lot of time together :D *knocks on wood*

"Sorry, I'm eating a sweet"... lol wtf Simon?

"What could be more unpredictable than actually doing a song the way it was written?" That quote is made of win.

Random thought that occurred to me while waiting for igrecman to upload part 4 of the results: the three guys in this year's top 6 are really similar to the three guys in season 5's top 6. We've got the adorable little guy with the flawless voice (Elliott/Archie), the incredible rocker predicted to win it all (Chris/Cook), and the odd guy whose personality, not voice, garnered him a huge fanbase (Taylor/Jason, though I'd say Jason is more of a Blake than a Taylor). Season 5's girls were Katharine, Paris, and Kellie... hmm, I guess you could say that there are parallels there, too. We've got the brunette with the good voice (Carly/Katharine, except that Katharine's voice was too shrill and she was a bitch, and I actually don't mind Carly), the black diva with a fun personality (Syesha/Paris), and the blonde girl whose personality and looks are keeping her in the competition (Brooke/Kellie). Which means if the rest of AI7 follows the same pattern as AI5, the eliminations will go:

6th: Brooke
5th: Syesha
4th: Cook
3rd: Archie
2nd: Carly
1st: Jason

Uhh, nothx. I can see 6th (though I think it'll be Jason leaving tonight) and 5th happening, but there's no way in hell TPTB won't keep at least one of the Davids around for the finale.

...okay, igrecman, as much as I love you for uploading these videos for the poor West Coasters, I really think an hour gap long between parts 3 and 4 is a little unnecessary.

Yay, part four's up. Okay, whoa, hello Tamyra and Clay! I totally didn't know Tamyra was playing Mimi in RENT. And I totally can't wait for Clay's album... FINALLY a CD with all original songs.

Bleh, I don't like Leona Lewis, and I don't like this song. Jesse McCartney's cover of it is better. I can't deny that her performance was flawless, though.

UM OKAY SO WHY IS BROOKE SAFE AND SYESHA NOT. FTF, AMERICA. I like the look on Brooke's face. Even she knows she should be in the B3. And you know, it really pisses me off that the audience is cheering and not booing like they should be. I really hate the people who watch AI.

Oh, fuck YOU, studio audience. Stop cheering for the wrong results.


Okay, pausing the video so I can rant about how fucked up these results are. I'm so pissed (as the fact that I just used "fuck" in three consecutive lines probably shows). Everyone on IDF was right... Carly and Syesha really got screwed over last night. I can't believe I was hoping America would get it right for once and put the two undeserving contestants in the B2. Obviously the majority of the voters couldn't care less about performance and voice. I can't BELIEVE this. fjkfjawrwfj;lwjfklwe I don't even know what to say right now. I'm just so upset that this happened. Either way, a talented contestant (who I'm almost certain will be Syesha) is going to be robbed tonight BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO WATCH AI VOTE WITH THEIR EYES AND NOT THEIR BRAINS.

Again, the studio audience needs to stfu right now. tbh, I'm not surprised that the audience members are so dumb. I've stood outside the CBS studios after a taping, and 99.9% of the people who walk out are skantily-clothed teenage girls carrying signs that read "MY BFF JILL THINKZ UR SEXI, JASON/DAVID ♥ ♥ ♥". UGH. *is so bitter right now*

"You proved that you're human." "You weren't good, but you were charming." Uh huh, these are your excuses for the two worst singers in the top 12 sticking around for another week, Simon? Just go right out and say it: the results are BS.

lol at least Carly remembered the right lyric this time.

Oh, NOW you boo, audience. Fuck that, Syesha deserves to stay. Carly should've stayed, too, but what can you do. IT'S AMERICA'S FAULT FOR VOTING FOR THE TWO PEOPLE WHO FAILED THE HARDEST LAST NIGHT.

Well, at least this is the first time I've liked the majority of the top 5! I'm not too happy about having to hear ten Neil Diamond songs next week, but at least six of them will be from my three favourite contestants ♥ But two songs from Brooke and Jason each? NOT cool. My poor ears are already aching from the thought.

Picture to make me feel better:

pissed off