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Baby, believe me, it's only a matter of time

Top 7 night! This was the night Cake became real for me last season :)

Yay, group performance! Someone save me, I'm starting to like KLC's voice. I love that they separated the contestants into groups that match my rankings. Hoping this is the way the voting went... Cook + Syesha = top 2, Archie + Carly = middle 2, Jason + Brooke + KLC = bottom 3 :D

Oh snap, they're doing the "divide into two groups of three, make the unfortunate last contestant called out choose to join the safe group" dealio again...

David Cook, please marry me ♥


Oh, shit, Carly with Jason and KLC with Cook. Does this mean Cook's in the bottom three?

Cute Ford commercial!

ELLIOTT! OMG BB I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH ♥ Awww, he sang one of my least favourite songs off his album, but so what, he was freaking amazing! And the message to Mama Yamin! GUH, killed me.

IDF was right... they're gonna make poor Archie choose.

So the groups are:
1 - Cook, KLC, Brooke
2 - Syesha, Jason, Carly

Hmm... could it be that the second group is the bottom 3, but they planted Jason to deceive us?

As if Archie doesn't know what's going on. Stop being silly, Ryan.

LOL, Paula. "Straight up, let me tell you, Simon, I'll never be forever your girl"... ahaha I love the judges' banter.

Mariah Carey is awesome. Her hand motions are really distracting, though.

Archie is so adorable. I want to adopt him. "I've never been happier in my life"... awww, bb ♥

FUCK YOU, RYAN. LAST MINUTE SWAP. WHAT IS THIS SHIT. Okay, now we all know what's going on.

Good for you, Archie! Pull a... who was it who pioneered the sitting down in the middle of the stage stunt? I think it might've been Bo Bice, but I can't remember.

AWWW TWO DAVIDS SITTING DOWN TOGETHER. FINAL TWO, BABY. Let's just get rid of all the other contestants right now and hold a showdown between those two. lol Archie, Cook, and Carly are like a cute little family.

OMFG SYESHA'S SAFE. OMG. OMG. OMG PRAISE THE LORD. I LOVE YOU, AMERICA!!! I don't care who goes home, though I'm hoping it's Brooke. I'm pretty sure they won't have two "shockers" in a row, though. Plus KLC's time is up. This always happens: the contestant who stays too long always leaves after their best performance in the competition so far. See Sanjaya's (also 7th place) elimination last season.

Yup, called it. Damn, just as I was starting to like KLC. I'm getting bored of Brooke's "omgah I'm so nice and supportive" act.

LMFAO @ Simon's expression when KLC sings the first line of her song to him. Man, believe it or not, I'm gonna miss her. She had a fun personality, even if she sucked at singing. "only for a good comment from you"... lolol.

And random comment which is totally unrelated to the results, but the studio versions are freaking incredible. I've only got a few so far, but I really think Cook's could be a hit RIGHT NOW. Where are the intense violins, though? :(

Another fanfiction rant, which really doesn't pertain to LJ at all, but I need to put it somewhere :P

So I recently received a review on MNFF that basically went something along the lines of, "cool, but the characters were OOC." Okay, that's fine. I didn't put much effort into getting the characterisations right, so I can't complain. Then the person had to go and leave another review immediately afterwards saying, "nvm it's not out of character it's just H/D."

Now that, I'm not cool with. I don't know if the person meant to be snide, but it sort of pissed me off. Maybe I'm overreacting. The problem is, this isn't the first time I've gotten a response like that. I get that shit ALL the time on MNFF. I can't stress this enough: GET OVER the idea that any fic which features a slash (aka "impossible", at least in MNFF terms) pairing is automatically OOC. FFS, I've read a rentboy!Draco H/D fic with more IC characters than 3/4 of the Ron/Hermione fics out there.

Characterisation and who a character falls in love with are unrelated. Fics in which fairy!Draco and sex!god!Harry discover tru wuv after a drunken one night stand are OOC. Fics in which bitter!Draco and jaded!Harry get stuck together on an assignment after the war and find out that they can actually get along as adults are perfectly capable of being IC if written well. Did JKR ever explicitly state that Harry and Draco were strictly straight? No, she didn't. So how is any fic in which they get together automatically OOC? And DON'T tell me about Pansy/Cho/Ginny/etc., because I could go on for hours about why those mistakes relationships don't mean Harry and Draco can't be attracted to men.

Honestly, you'd think this applies to all fanon pairings, but from what I've seen, it's mainly targeted at anything male/male. You know what the most fucked up part is? People think my slave!Hermione-falling-in-love-with-evil!rapist!Draco fic has IC characters, but they have a problem with a crack!fic in which Harry and Draco *gasp* touch each other (unintentional on the author's part, btw). I realise that the majority of the readers on MNFF are adolescents, but this is a little ridiculous. Don't fucking tell me that you dislike slash because JKR would never have it in the books (that's the anti-slash rationale I get most frequently), because I have one thing to say to you: ALBUS DUMBLEDORE.

God, I really should just quit MNFF. I love so many of the people there, but I freaking can't stand the intolerance and overall ignorance I've come to associate with the archive anymore. It was cool when I was 15/16 like everyone else, but I've moved on. I'm tired of "cool update" and "ew I don't like slash, if this was Draco/Hermione it would have been better" reviews. I just can't bring myself to leave. It's like... when you've got a really god awful fic which you wrote eons ago online, but it was the one that jumpstarted your fanfiction career, and you can't bear to take it down because the reviews on it mean a lot to you. Or idk. I'm not too great with analogies.

I finally got around to listening to and rating the final 20 in the AI7 songwriting competition. It took me freaking hours to get through them all, but I did it! Let me just say that I REALLY don't think they're as bad as everyone's making them out to be. Yeah, they're terribly cheesy, but most of them are tolerable. There are even two or three that I think are great. So, without further ado...

Something Like Heaven - 10/10 - So here's the song everyone's been talking about, and I have to say, it totally lived up to expectations. I really, really like it. I can hear any of the contestants singing it, but I agree that it was made for David A.

In This Moment - 9/10 - *hides* I really, really like this. It's a typical rock ballad, but... yeah, I like it. I actually think Cook would sing this well.

No Turning Back - 9/10 - I really like it, and I can definitely hear Cook singing it. I just can't imagine it being sung on that finale stage. It seems so... unlike an AI winner's single. And I don't think it's as good as everyone says it is, but *shrug*.

Faith - 8/10 - Very generic melody and the message of the song is hopelessly cheesy, but I actually really like it. Good song for Brooke.

Believe - 8/10 - I love it! It's about time we had an R&B-ish song. Er, idk who would sing it, though.

Overcome - 8/10 - This is a good Hoobastank-style song. I'd like to hear Cook sing this, but the lyrics just don't seem to suit him. I'm trying to picture what this song might sound like if it was covered in a different genre, and it's not really working.

Dream Big - 8/10 - Good country/pop song that sounds like something a Disney Channel star would sing. It'd suit KLC, obviously. And okay, this is totally random, but I just had a vision of Cook singing this song, and I cracked up.

We're Gonna Make It - 8/10 - All right, REALLY weird lyrics (it starts with something about demons telling them they're stupid), but the song's not too bad. It's pretty climactic, I guess. It'd be good for KLC and maybe even Carly.

When You Come From Nothing - 7/10 - Another good song. The lyrics are cheesy, but tolerable. Even though this is country, I don't know if it would be the right song for KLC. Actually, I can't really picture any of the contestants singing this song. It would've been good for Carrie.

The Time of My Life - 7/10 - I don't think this song is as bad as everyone says it is. Yeah, it's disgustingly cheesy, but that's what winner's singles are supposed to be! It would be a good song for Jason or Brooke.

You Believed In Me - 7/10 - I actually sorta like it. I agree with everyone else; it'd be great for Carly. Also, in a weird way, I can also hear Jason singing it, but with a different, less rock-ish arrangement.

Stronger - 7/10 - I'm not sure what genre this would fall under (the singer is more Disney pop, but the song itself is country/pop). It's a decent song. It's cutesy and uplifting, but I honestly can't hear any of the Idols singing it. It kind reminds me of "Dive In" by Christy Carlson Romano, lol.

Here I Am - 6/10 - Forgettable. I passed it to listen to the next song, and I immediately forgot what kind of song this was.

All You Will Need - 5/10 - Interesting song. Doesn't sound much like a typical winner's single. It's more alternative rock-ish, and might suit Amanda, but definitely none of the remaining contestants.

You Believe In Me - 4/10 - Omg, the lyrics made me want to cry. "No stars too high, or river wide, no mountain I can't move"... kill me now, please. Skipped it after a minute.

Thank You Whatever Comes - 3/10 - The lyrics were pretty WTF. There were maybe one or two good parts in the song. The rest of it was cringeworthy.

Align - 3/10 - Boring, skipped it after a minute or so.

Only Love - 2/10 - This song is kind of awkward. I can't figure out what the songwriter was going for. The arrangement, melody, singing, and lyrics don't mesh or flow well. Umm... yeah, okay, I don't know what else to say.

You Can Do Anything - 1/10 - The singer's voice is unnaturally high and stylized, and the song itself sounds like a rejected Disney song. I'm pretty sure a third grader could write more original lyrics. Just... no.

Fly Me Away - 1/10 - LOL FAIL.

By the way, I ripped these songs and put them into a zip file, so if anyone wants to listen to them after they've finished voting, here it is.
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