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Does this constitute LJ drama?

In response to the hd_worldcup drama: really now?

This is all a little ridiculous, if you ask me. One would expect that the topic of reviews and recs would have been covered ten million times already, but apparently not (though to be fair, hd_wc is sort of a new thing, and the reccing part is a little more complicated). idk, I guess I can't really judge, since I'm still an LJ newbie, but what I've seen of this hd_wc debate on my flist and various linked journals seems a little silly to me. I didn't know the process of reviewing in fests was so complicated. Maybe it's because I'm fresh out of archives where there are no review regulations, but honestly? People should just be allowed to say whatever they want to say. I really wish readers would be nice when leaving any kind of criticism, constructive or not, but is it really possible to force them to? Well, yeah, I suppose it is, but the point is, IT'S TOO MUCH WORK (and it would only inspire more arguments over freedom of speech and other shit). Negativity is the tiny text on every author's writing contract. I don't think it's RIGHT for readers to criticise a fic without a single word of appreciation for the author's efforts, but since when does anyone give a fuck about what's right? Fandom is just a subset of real life; it, too, has its share of assholes. imo, the easiest way to deal with that is to just let things be the way they are. Yeah, it hurts (I don't think anyone is worse at taking criticism than I am, which is why hd_wc is starting to give me anxiety), but... well, I don't really have a but. It just hurts. Nothing anyone can do about it, though :(

In any case, no one should listen to me, because I still haven't grasped the concept of readers being *gasp* respectful and helpful when leaving reviews. My expectations have been shot by too much time spent on MNFF, FA, and

I think this is the best part about not being LJ famous: 42730488 people aren't going to read this post, twist it around, argue over it, and write angry response posts to it. I can ramble and make irrational points in peace. Yay for semi-anonymity!

OMG I REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO WRITING SKOM. srsly, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, guys :( I keep trying, but the mothereffing fic won't let me work on it. It squirmed out of my control somewhere around chapter 15, and now I'm stuck with a disaster that refuses to resolve itself. GUH. Okay, screw homework, I'm going to write RIGHT NOW. Wish me luck :|

(tbh, this entire post was just an excuse to pimp ldws again :D)
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