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Drabble stuff

So I was reading a whole bunch of drabbles today, and now I want to start ldws up again. I talked to avada_k, and she agreed to help me mod when she has time (aka never). I dunno if I really want to do it without full time help from the other two mods, though. Unless... someone wants to help me out? :D HINT HINT, c_potter / figs_133 / any other responsible individual who's interested!

If I do decide to do round four, I'm probably going to revamp the whole thing, i.e. change the layout, change the rules, change the themes, etc. It'll still have the same basic idea, but I want to polish some things up.

Okay, enough of that! I'm really enjoying writing my fic for the_ass_fest. It's been a while since I wrote younger characters, and I'd forgotten how much easier it is for me. The interactions between the students are omgsofun.

I actually wrote a drabble today for the first time in years. No, scratch that, I wrote TWO drabbles. I used the hd100 prompt for the second one, which is actually a retelling of the first one from Draco's PoV. And look! Present tense!

Title: Dreaming
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 100

Harry dreams at night.

He dreams of his parents, of Dumbledore, of Sirius and Lupin and thousands of faceless corpses scattered across the frozen ground.

He dreams of screams muffled by the roar of cursed fire, of a hand reaching for his through the scalding heat.

He dreams of warm lips sealed over his and cool fingers running through his tangled hair, and that’s when he knows he’s not dreaming anymore.

Harry jerks awake. The fingers now trailing down his bare chest still.

“You were dreaming again,” says Malfoy’s voice out of the darkness.

Harry exhales and pulls Malfoy close.

Title: Watching
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 100

Draco watches Potter at night.

It’s dark, but he can see that Potter sleeps like child, curled up on his side with his face tucked in the crooks of his elbows. Draco wonders if he’s making up for lost time.

When the whimpers and frantic mutterings start, something inside Draco twists. He can’t watch any longer.

Draco’s touch wakes Potter. “You were dreaming again,” he says.

Potter wordlessly reaches for Draco; Draco lets him. As the tension slowly bleeds out of Potter’s trembling body, Draco closes his eyes.

Potter’s his, and the ones who plague his sleep can’t have him.
Tags: drabbles, harry/draco, the_ass_fest

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