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Go Team Epilogue! :D

It's Random Bullet Points Day!

  • Thought of the day: Is it just me, or was everyone and their mom was born in April? Because literally, among my Facebook friends there are at LEAST two birthdays on every day of April except *checks* the thirteenth. There are six birthdays on the tenth. *subtracts nine months from April* So... July? Does anyone know of any heat-inducing events in July?
  • American Idol has been dreadfully boring ever since Danny left. However, last night was the first time I was genuinely entertained by most of the performances. I thought Syesha and both Davids (I cried during Syesha's and David A's performances, lol :">) were incredible. Poor Syesha doesn't get the credit she deserves. Raina and Paula said she has the most gorgeous voice live, and I believe it. I hope freaking ocatv gets to me on the waitlist before she's voted off. Last time I signed up for AI tickets in season 3 and I didn't get them until the day before the season 5 finale (keep in mind, I was still in Chicago at this point). HL for spoilers: In any case, I'm glad Syesha was safe tonight, though I'll admit I teared up a bit when Ramiele got eliminated :(
  • Got my the_ass_fest  assignment earlier today. I'm pretty excited to write it. It's so fun, planning out the boys' characters. I think their profiles are going to end up being longer than the actual fic XD Pinch hitters have until June 1st, so yay for time! \o/
  • I'm sure everyone knows this by now, but the first few fics were posted at hd_worldcup  yesterday! For the sake of anonymity, I won't comment on any of them, but let's just say that I'm very, very impressed/intimidated. The humbling process continues :P
  • In retrospect, the most productive part about being a pinch hitter for hd_worldcup  was flailing around, trying to write four different stories at once in hopes that at least one of them would fit whatever prompt I ended up with. It really gave me the push I needed to start some new fics and get back into writing in general. Now I have several WiPs I can work on if I'm ever at a loss for ideas! :D

And finally, two tragedies that happened on March 31st that deserve acknowledgment:

  • anjenue  passed away in a car crash. I never knew her personally, but I did read most of her fics on skyehawke when I first started getting into NC-17 H/D fics, and I loved all of them. Her friends say she was one of the sweetest and most generous people they've ever met, and I don't doubt it. A couple of them have set up a wonderful community for everyone to share their memories of her, which you can find here: we_love_you_anj  . Also, a memorial fund has been set up in her memory.
  • Elliott's mom Claudette (also known as Mama Yamin to E's fans) also passed away. From all I've seen and heard of her on TV, in interviews, and from fans who met her, she was kind, funny, and unwavering in her support for her son. She will be missed dearly, and my heart goes out to E and his family during this time.
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