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johnny weir 2


  • 23rd Mar, 2008 at 5:16 PM
I recently rediscovered a "top ten signs you're reading one of my fics" meme which I took centuries back, and I want to retake it so very much. However, I have a feeling that could be problematic for me if my hd_worldcup fic is posted, so I'll refrain from taking the meme for now.

Speaking of hd_worldcup... my fic has turned into a spring-break-eating monster. No, seriously. It's looking to be about 3x longer than I anticipated. In fact, I should be writing right now to make sure it doesn't set its sights on the rest of next week, which is going to be freaking busy (I'm meeting up with Raina and Karen from IDF on Tuesday!). Thankfully, I'm about 65% done with my first draft.

Also, I just signed up as a pinch hitter for the_ass_fest. I'm so excited. I was pretty upset when I missed the first sign-up, but yay for second chances! Everyone should go check it out... it's the first ever AS/S fest, and it's going to be wicked :D


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avada_k wrote:
26th Mar, 2008 02:29 (UTC)
holy crap... you still update your livejournal? You're a way better person than I am. I also find it amusing that you're in a community called "the assfest". Now be on gchat more often. I don't have fun things to do over spring break so I am often bored :(
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