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Fake HBP Teaser Poster

Gah. I'm sick of writing. I rewrote what I had of The Silver Sphinx and am considering starting a new fic called Storybook Ending. For the last four or five days I've been alternating between planning those two and writing Some Kind of Miracle. WHY MUST WINTER BREAK END SO SOON?

Anyway, I wanted to take a break from writing today, so I played around in PSP and made a teaser poster for HBP. Er... yeah. Which version is better?

I really wanted to put the Dark Mark in there, but I feel like the picture looks cluttered with it, y/n? Also, I tried to add little silhouettes of Harry and Dumbledore on their brooms, but my attempt to draw failed (as usual).

Mmm... what else... oh, I saw Atonement! It wasn't as good as I expected. I'm not really into artsy movies, so maybe that's why. I think the best part of the movie was James McAvoy.

American Idol starts on January 15th! Omg, this is going to be the first season of AI I won't be able to follow religiously :( My roommate has a TV, but she keeps it on her side of the room, so I can't very well expect to be able to watch every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm. Maybe I'll make the long trek over to my friend's building and hog her lounge. Mmm, I don't know if I'll find time to stalk IDF like I usually do, either. I hope I do, because IDF is part of the reason why I love AI. That and the hot boys. Who are sometimes very obviously having buttsecks behind the scenes, andofcourseIdontmeanCake.

Speaking of Cake, nominations opened at cake_awards yesterday! If you haven't gone over there yet, you should... and nominate the Brokeback Murtle trailers for best fanvid! [/self pimpage]

And a rec: Things That Change by eutychides. I swear I've heard this fic mentioned somewhere before, but I didn't read it until Carla recommended it in the H/D Facebook group last night. It's... a bit different from what I usually read. A lot more twisted and angsty. And it has pretty explicit mpreg, which usually squicks me out, but for some reason I just couldn't stop reading this fic.

*eyes Word documents apprehensively*

I promise I'll update SKOM. Soon. As in... definitely before summer break. Sorry :( I'm trying to work out a bunch of kinks with the development of the plot, and it's not going too well. I won't have a lot of time once school starts, especially with College Ambassadors picking up (if anyone of you get admitted into USC, let me know!), beta work for Vana's fic, and hd_worldcup. Sigh. I feel like I should have utilized my winter break time more efficiently...
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