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Fic updates!

Okay, so I posted something similar to this on my Yahoo group, but I figured that since I'm back to updating my LJ, I should post it here, too. And wtf, I hate this new version of Firefox and its ridiculous spell check function. I've been wondering why my words were randomly getting underlined in red all day.

ANYWAY. Umm... here're the writing projects I've currently got going on right now.

- Some Kind of Miracle. Obviously, I'm still working on this. It's quickly becoming a monster of a fic. I'm on chapter 17 right now (in other words, only about half-way through), and it's already longer than ATW. At this rate, it's gonna be over 200,000 words by the time it's finished. Um... I dunno what to say about it. It's going well. I had some trouble deciding who should make the first move and who should pursue the relationship, but I think I've got it mostly figured out now. The next post: Dunno, I guess as soon as Chungsol gets back to me?

- The Silver Sphinx. This is a rentboy!Draco fic that I started a few months ago. It's loosely based on the story of the Moulin Rouge. I'm not very far into it, though... the only reason why I haven't given it up as a bad job yet is that I really like the idea, and I'm not willing to let it go so easily, even though the fic refuses to write itself out.

- Too Far Gone (tentative title). This is a Harry/Draco fic which I started a few days ago for two reasons: 1) I deserately to write some real post-DH slash, and 2) I need to work on my smut-writing skills. Because honestly, I doubt there's a slash writer out there who's never written something NC-17. But as of now, I'm very bad at writing sex scenes and desperately need to improve, so I'm trying to... er, for lack of a better word, practise.

- An untitled Albus/Scorpius fic. I guess this isn't really a project of mine right now... I haven't even started it. I don't even have an idea. I just REALLY want to write AS/S, so I'm making sure to jot down any ideas that randomly jump into my head over the course of the day.

- An untitled Snape/Lily fic. I doubt this one's ever going to come into existence, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Since my friend avada_k and I both loved the Snape/Lily in DH, we randomly decided to write a joint Snily fic. But... well, it's not realy coming along, since I'm balking at the idea of writing het and even attempting a ship that Jo wrote so brilliantly.

Finally, a very happy birthday to both Harry and Jo! Thanks to both of them for blessing us with their presence in this world :)
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