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I saw King Kong today. It was a great movie; I cried at the end, lol.

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to discuss. I have a rant (which is, of course, related to fanfiction and HP). I go.

It really frustrates me how people always complain about characters being 'out of character'. I mean, WHAT defines out of character? Yes, Hermione running around in a bikini and a miniskirt and making out with Draco in public is out of character, but is she out of character if she's nervous and flustered sometimes? And YES, Draco is out of character if he suddenly starts slapping Ginny's ass, but does a quiet, sarcastic Draco who is determined to turn good equal an OOC Draco?

And then it gets to the point where fans begin to accuse JK Rowling of writing her characters OOC. Everyone's so caught up in accusing writers of having OOC characters and AU ideas in their fanfics that they begin to start criticising the ACTUAL HP BOOKS in the same way. Believe it or not, after the release of HBP, I read WAY too many comments on forums complaining about how Hermione was so OOC because she cried and sulked over Ron. Excuse me, but who was the one who invented Hermione?

For GOD'S SAKE, people, we hardly even know anything about the characters. If we keep saying things like 'Oh this is OOC' and 'Ron would NEVER do that in the books!' then I don't think we're really accepting the HP world as what it is: a fictional WORLD. Just because JKR doesn't show more sides to her characters doesn't mean they don't have them. Her characters aren't one dimensional. I mean, Ron isn't JUST a guy who gets into unreasonable fights, even if that's pretty much all we see from him in the books. Who are you to assert whether Hermione's allowed to blush and giggle? Unless JKR explicitly states that Hermione would never do such a thing, I don't think anyone has the right to say a story is bad because of OOC characters. To some extent, every piece of fanfiction contains characters that are OOC if you look at it that way, because every character in a fic can't repeat the lines he/she said in the books. Writers will eventually have to make their own decisions as to what they want their characters to do, and those decisions will ultimately stray away from what's stated in the book.

I guess this rant just comes from the fact that I'm starting to get a lot of reviews from people saying things like 'Your Hermione is slightly out of character'. Yes, it's selfish that I'm complaining about it, but it's getting on my nerves' end. For one thing, I don't think I ever got more than ONE review pointing out any OOCness in The Sweetest Sin. That was freaking LOADED with what readers define as OOCness. Wait, let me rephrase this: It was a Hermione/Draco fic, which means the entire thing was, by default, OOC. So yeah, let's just skim over the fact that Hermione's allowed herself to be a slave and is sobbing over Draco and begging him to let her stay by his side. Now let's move onto my other fics. Take A Thousand Words, for example. People complain about Hermione being too confused and 'not smart and hardworking enough', Draco being too nice, or their letters being too emotional. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to swear here, so please turn away if you're under the age of 13. What the FUCK. Unless people have forgotten, the books are narrated from Harry's point of view, so we obviously wouldn't know what Hermione thinks or how she feels. Yes, since we rarely see Hermione wanting to talk to Draco in the books, that would be considered OOC. But who freaking CARES? It's fanfiction...not the next Harry Potter book. I personally think that my characters in A Thousand Words are much MUCH more in character than they were in The Sweetest Sin, but then again, it's not up to the writer to judge her work.

So whatever. You may continue to think and believe that my characters are too out of character to be believable, but if you do, don't review. Or at least try to contain yourself when you review. Because I'm sick of hearing things that can't be helped. (And some people may say that not being able to take criticism well is a bad bad bad trait for a writer to have, but they have got NO idea what they're saying until they've stood in the shoes of a fanfiction author...especially a Draco/Hermione one.)

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