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Oh my...

Good Lord, the OotP trailer was glorious. It was PERFECT. Yes, the GoF trailer was spectacular as well, but I'm praying that OotP won't go down the same route to the Hall of Crap as GoF did. But really, when the HP trailer came on (after the Eragon trailer...I was already hyperventilating after that one), I basically died a little. It seemed like it was over in about .04 seconds, though. *sigh* July 13 can't come soon enough...

And even though I went to see Happy Feet for the OotP trailer, I thought it was a really cute movie. Everyone should sit through the movie, even if they're going just for the trailer.

♥ Annie

P.S. Three pages into chapter 33, and all I can say is that there's a hella lotta kissing going on in this chapter...
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